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Harry isn't in the mood to play anymore! B wins! Sorry again about the long wait for the update. I wish I could have made this one a lot longer but the choice is a really important one! So get your votes in. Harry needs your help.

B ) immediately counter attack with my gun.

Chapter 9 - "A Man Named Kauffman"

I instantly ready my gun.
That plump man appeared to realize that I was a human,
but as soon as he saw the gun his eyes grew wide.

"Hold it... Stop!
Don't shoot! Wait...I'm not here to fight."

After I lowered my gun the man sat down in his chair in a way that showed
that he was relieved.
"Thank god. Another human being."

"My name is Harry Mason. I'm in town on vacation...Do you work here?"

The man nodded.
I was truly relieved.
Silent Hill, which has become a habitat for strange monsters...
This is my first contact with someone from this town.

"I'm Doctor Michael Kaufmann. I work at this hospital."

"So maybe you can tell me what's going on?"

That man who called himself Kaufmann once again stirs in the chair
he is sitting in.

"I really can't say.
I was taking a nap in the staff room. When I woke up, it was like this.
Everyone seems to have disappeared.
And it's snowing out. This time of year."

He looks off at the floor of the examination room.
There, on the floor, the corpse of a still warm monster lay on its side.

"Something's gone seriously wrong.
Did you see those monsters?
Have you ever seen such aberrations?
Ever even heard of such things?
You and I both know, creatures like that don't exist."


And then I turned to face him as I realized something.
"Have you seen a little girl anywhere?
I'm looking for my daughter.
She's only seven. Short, black hair."

"She's missing?
I'm sorry.
But with all those monsters around, I highly doubt that she's...
Sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you. Your wife, she's here with you?"

"She died four years ago. Now it's just me and my daughter."

"I see... I'm sorry. Well, I'd better be going. I can't just sit around here
doing nothing."

"So long. Good luck out there."

Bang. (Onomatopoeia for door closing)
The examination room door shuts powerlessly.

Doctor Michael Kaufmann...
Oddly enough I have completely memorized that name.

I suddenly notice that there is something on the floor that looks like a
white scrap of paper.

"What is this?"
I pick it up.
Letters have been disorderly scribbled on it.

"Arrival tomorrow morning
Be prepared"

I leave the examination room.
Kaufmann is nowhere to be found.
I begin to run.

I pass through the medicine room and reach a planked floor corridor that
silently extends in an L-shape.
I moved forward and found that there was an elevator with a large door at
the end of the corridor.

I try pressing the buttons beside it.
Nothing happens.
It looks like the power is off.

There are several doors in the corridor.
I begin opening each one in order.

I open the door marked "Meeting Room", head inside, and close the door
behind me.
A large table rests in the center of this room, and I notice that there
is something glittering on top of it.

I grasp the light green key, leave the room, and once again step into the
chilly corridor.

The next room looks to be the kitchen.
I guess that the food for patients is probably prepared here.
Various bronze cooking utensils are neatly arranged in order on the
stainless steel counter top.
It does not appear that anything terribly important is here.

I carefully look through the various cooking utensils.
Inside a large pot there is......nothing at all.

While continuing to search to see if there might be some clue here or not
I notice that on the far wall various objects have been scattered about.

I carefully move forward on the wet floor as not to slip.

Something is there...

I reach out my hand towards the thing in front of me.

A ) Pick up the pet bottle.

B ) Pick up the kitchen knife.