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Time to make that bottle our Pet! Choice A wins. (Another short update with another important choice!)

A ) Pick up the pet bottle.

Chapter 9.5 - "The Liquid"

I move past one of the sinks and notice an empty pet bottle sitting on the
end of the counter.

"Perhaps this might come in handy for something."
I mutter this and grab the empty pet bottle. Then I leave the kitchen.

After leaving the kitchen I head right and place my hand on the first door
that I come to.
I notice the words "Director's Office" out of the corner of my eye as I open
the door. From inside the room a strong stench overflows outward and causes
me to feel dizzy.

Someone has ransacked the room.
Behind the desk that probably belongs to the director several bottles have
been broken leaving red and blue liquid spilled all over the floor.

The liquid spilled all over the floor
If I use the pet bottle...

A ) Scoop up the red liquid.

B ) Scoop up the blue liquid.

C ) Scoop up the mixture of purple liquid.