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CHAPTER 10 - "The 4th Floor"

I...get out the pet bottle and use a fragment of the bottom section of one of
the broken bottles to pour the purple liquid into the it.

The sticky liquid drips into the pet bottle.
The last drop lingered, but once it finally hit the surface of the liquid
already inside the pet bottle I tightly closed the cap and then left the
Director's Office.

I crept out into the corridor once more and stood in front of the door
that was closest to the elevator.

I open the door, and the reverberations of the sounds of it opening and
then closing shake my eardrums.
The walls are made of concrete.
And a few steps in a staircase leading to the basement extends like the folds
inside the body of a snake.

It is dark and difficult to see, but it looks like there is a door at the
bottom of the staircase.

Be brave, I mutter to myself.
Leaving only the echoes of my footsteps, I descend the staircase to hell
one step at a time.
And then I open the door leading to darkness.

A world without light
I could see that the electricity was most likely out in the
entire hospital.
I pressed the switch on the flashlight on my chest and tried lighting
the area.

It is creepy, and yet there is nothing noticeably out of place.
Chilly air drifts from the cold concrete, and it seems as if touching it
would completely rob my body of its warmth.

While moving through the corridor I try opening the doors as I come to them.
Of them, one opens with a creak.

"Emergency Generator" is written on the machine that occupies most of
the room.
To reach the second floor and above it did not look like there was any
method other than using the elevator.
So without hesitation I turn the machine on.

I immediately head for the elevator.
I press the up button. The heavy sound of the motor and the sounds of metal
parts coming into contact with each other almost sound like intertwined

With a 'ding' the elevator stops and its doors slowly open.

The inside of the elevator is large.
It seems to be about big enough to accept three hospital beds.
Buttons for each floor are lined up to the right of the elevator door.
They are marked 3, 2, 1, and B from the top down.

First I head to the second floor.
However, after I step off the elevator I find that the door connected to the
corridor that leads to the rooms on this floor is locked.
With no alternative I try heading to the third floor, but I find that it is
in the same state.

Well, what now?
I have already tried moving to every floor.
With nothing else to do I re-entered the elevator and then could not believe
my eyes.

Of the buttons for each floor, 3 was definitely the highest floor just before.
In spite of that a new 4 button has been added.

The elevator doors open with a familiar sound and I step out on to the
fourth floor.
"Again?", I think.
A condition extremely similar to that which I encountered after passing
through the basement in the clock tower at the elementary school was present
right in front of me.

Dark red rusted walls, metal grated floors...
And a ringing in my ears that seems to creep up from the depths of hell
is a menace to my mental state.

I open the door in front of me and a long corridor extends beyond it.
I very carefully move forward while keeping my eyes fixed on the wall.
Could Cheryl be here? The only way to find out is to search this place.


I can hear something in the darkness in front of me.
It sounds like the groan of something dragging on the ground.
The owner of that groan is slowly closing in on me, but I cannot see what
it is for sure with the faint light of my flashlight.

It is probably not human.
I firmly grip the gun, position my finger on the trigger, and begin to walk
towards it with the gun readied beside my face.

Eventually something white enters my field of vision.
I adjust aim the flashlight on my chest with my hand and shine light on it.
A white figure appeared, which is stooped over like an old woman. It looked
to have undergone a grotesque change.

The monster has a very large hump on its back, which twitches and moves as
if it were alive. In one hand it holds a knife, which it waves as it
approaches me.

In the instant I readied my gun the monster began to run. By the time I
realized this it slashed at me.
I instantly dodged the attack, and thanks to that my clothes were
slashed and I had only a scratch on my side. I suppose I was lucky.

I kick it in the face with the bottom of my shoe, and it falls down on its
back. It then begins to stand for its next attack.

I close my left eye and steady my aim.

Even after one shot hit its movement does not change at all.

I fire more bullets at it.
It is laughing.
In a voice great enough to shake the entire world it laughs as its face
twists and distorts.

I cannot give up.
When the final bullet loaded into my gun hits it finally stops laughing.
This time it is face down and I begin crushing it with my foot. completely stops moving.

"This is insane..."
Another monster approaches from behind the corpse of the first one.
"At this rate all the bullets in the world would not be enough..."

I begin to run towards the monster in front of me.
Evading the large swings of its knife I run down the dark corridor,
occasionally stumbling.

I see a staircase leading down. I race down it, knowing not whether if
something is waiting for me or not at its base.

I am thinking about Cheryl.
Even if she is held prisoner somewhere in this hospital there is no guarantee
that I can rescue here.
In fact, there is no reason that the staircase I am descending should lead
me to Cheryl

I begin to think that all of my current actions are all meaningless.

However, generally speaking, since I arrived in Silent Hill, no, since the
day before leaving for Silent Hill, no, even longer ago, since the day
I met Cheryl, perhaps I have had no choice in my actions, that they have
been determined by the someone's will.

As I continue to the base of the stairs I contemplate, what if my "life"
up to this point had just been on one track?

As I descend the stairs my ears began ringing again. The ringing is so
forceful that it cannot even be compared to before, and it forces me to
squat down.
What in the world has happened?
Perhaps I have opened a door to hell, a door that should never be opened.

Something is clearly changing, and it is for the worse.
Going back will not be permitted.
I must move forward. Forward.
I put my hands together on my head, and then squeeze my temples tightly by
using my elbows.

The ringing then begins to sound like a demon is whispering in my ears;
however, it doesn't stop.

I blindly begin to run.
Even if I am to die in this mad land, I must save my beloved Cheryl first.
Believing that the answers are beyond the door, I know that I must discover at
least one clue.

Several overlapping square figures are shaking in time with the sound of my
It is the wall at the end of the area.
Another wall is lies perpendicular to it. There is a door present on
this wall with a plate on it that says "Storehouse".

Some chemicals have been placed on the table that is next to the door.
There are three beakers of different sizes and a test tube.
The test tube contains a liquid that is of a different color to that which
is in the left-most beaker.

I found a memo.

"To create it you must come up with one deciliter of liquid and pour
it into the test tube. No more or no less, that man had said.
But there are no graduations on the beakers. This makes it impossible to
come up with one deciliter using these three large beakers."

The door won't budge an inch.

I need to solve this puzzle to progress...

(Let's see if someone can give the correct amount each beaker needs to be get the deciliter)
Bonus points: If you explain each step!