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Lots of text and not many images in this update! congrats to everyone who figured out the puzzle, since I honestly had trouble with it my first time.

CHAPTER 11 - "Alessa"

Harry melted the chain on the door with the completed liquid.

Inside the storehouse nothing important looking stands out.
I carefully edge between the simple metal shelves that have been placed here
in a specific arrangement.
However, nothing is here that makes this room worthy of being called a

I am drawn toward the cabinet in the back of this room.
This is because I found the presence of the wooden cabinet strange and
unsuitable for this simple room.
I approach the cabinet and try to open it; however, it will not budge.

I stood up straight and looked on top of the cabinet.

Other than a layer of dust so thick that it almost appeared as if a
cloth had been laid on the cabinet there is nothing of interest.

My field of vision shakes violently.
I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I landed on my butt hard enough
for it to be unpleasant.
(Ahh-ta,ta,ta,ta,ta...) (Onomatopoeia for Harry's pain noise)

There I discover something odd.
Countless lines have been bored into the old flooring, and fiber-shaped wooden
chips are exposed.

It looks as if someone has moved this cabinet.
And then returned it to its original position...

Marks left from something being dragged...

The marks on the floor are still fresh.
They tell me that some other human probably came down here.
Is there something beyond this cabinet?

Using my body weight I slowly push the cabinet from its original position.
The existence of the inviting door behind the cabinet seems completely

So of course, I place my hand on it.

The room is very inorganic.
While shining my flashlight about I move through the room and eventually
discover a grate in the floor.
From between the bars in the grate I can see a staircase that leads to a
lower floor.

The grate makes a 'clunk' sound as I open it. It is quite heavy.
Even though I am sure of my strength I do not believe that I could pick
it up.
After opening the grate enough so that I can pass through it, I gently place
one foot on the staircase that has appeared.

Slowly and cautiously...
Confirming each step as I go, I descend the staircase to a mad place
in which light cannot reach.
Finally I reach a wide room, much wider than I imagined.
I guess this based on the echoes of my footsteps.

I am running.
Through this eerie space that lies in the basement of the basement of the
It is lifeless, and there is no light.
All I can do is run through it.

Does this world have an end? Or did it even have a beginning?
Everywhere I go, all that I do is solve the mysteries that appear
one after the other and then move on...

I understand this, and expect that the same situation will continue.
Still, all I can do is move forward.
My thinking always results in this conclusion.

Traces of a person being here

This door has awaited me.
I slowly turn the knob.
The inside of this room is different from the ones I have encountered up
to this point, and I can feel life in here.
There are traces and a sense that someone was in this room.

I softly pick up the picture frame that was displayed on the desk.
That is engraved on the picture frame.
I gaze at the picture.

It is a face that I think I have seen somewhere.
I try to remember where as hard as I can, but in the end I cannot remember
at all.
But I am sure that I have met this girl somewhere.
And more than just once.

A diary has been placed next to the picture frame.

Something is written in the diary.

"April 15

From today this will be my new diary.
Lisa secretly gave this to me as a present.
And it means that soon I should be able to take my bandages off.

A bird landed on a branch of the tree outside my window.
I gazed at it for a bit.
Seeing those beautiful colors I thought again that it must be spring.

I wish I could play outside like the other children...

It is now afternoon, and they have come again.
I pretended to be asleep, and it looks like they did not notice.

They talk quietly as not to be heard outside my room. I do not understand
the meaning of what they discussed.
They never talk in this room, I thought.

April 16

Someone is talking outside my room.
It sounds serious...
But it doesn't seem to be about me.

Perhaps it's because he doesn't want to disturb me? Even the hospital
director has not come to see me much lately.
I don't like the director very much, so I am honestly quite happy.

April 16 P.S.
By some strange chance I learned a certain person is coming to visit me.

April 17

Everyone has been in a rush for some reason since before sunrise this
Something about a dead person coming back to life.
Does that really happen?

It is a frightening story...
And because of that my meal was a little late.
The cold soup is disappointing.

Suddenly I remembered him.
Maybe he has forgotten me, but I definitely remember him.
Lately I think of him often.
I want to see him.

It looks like my visitor is coming in the evening on the day after tomorrow.
Before then...

Before then just once.

April 18

It is finally tomorrow.
I will not tell anyone about this.
If I tell anyone they will probably strap me to my bed.

Before they arrive...
The friend that can share my feelings.
The only one...

I wonder if she will realize this?
Tonight I will go to bed early.

April 19

I must get out of here.
For the first time in a while I have wore my favorite pendant.
Does it look good on me?

I will write about the results here tomorrow.

April 20


The last page is blank.
I place the diary under my arm and prepare to leave the room.
My eyes once again returned to the picture frame that the diary had been
placed next to.

She was all alone.
But I have Cheryl.
The girl in the picture is appealing to me for something.
In the painful silence I can feel a spiritual message.

After wavering, I removed the picture from the frame and slid it into my

And then I left the room.

Alessa, Alessa...
Just who is she?
And why was her picture on display in the deep basement of the hospital?
And where was that strange feeling of a life that I sensed in that room
coming from? I am unable to figure any of it out.

And so I am irritated.

I head for the examination room on the first floor.
All the mysteries of the hospital are surely prepared in that room.
Believing so, I race up the stairs while having difficulty breathing.

When I open the door to the examination room I feel the presence of a
person and stop moving.
The inside of the room is dark.
......Someone is here.

Who is it...?

A ) Slowly approach.

B ) Fire the gun.