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It's always nice to have a nurse on hand. Harry tries to convince Lisa to come a long...

Chapter 15 - "Annie's Bar"

I speak.
"How about coming with me?
This may not be the safest place in the world either. I can't promise you
anything, but I'll do my best to protect you."

"No...somehow I feel I'm not supposed to leave this place.
Oh, Harry, I'm so scared...
I'm cold."

I waver. Is it ok for me to leave Lisa alone...
But then, what will happen to Cheryl?
Cheryl has only me to depend on.
My concern for Cheryl cannot be compared with my concern for Lisa.
After all...she is my daughter.

"Look, just wait here a little longer.
I'll be back as soon as I find my daughter."
Perhaps those words rang cold for Lisa.
But there is nothing that can be done.
I must save my daughter.


I leave the hospital.
The water supply installation near the elementary school...
I was told that I could go through those sewers and reach the lake that Cheryl
was heading toward.
I must hurry.

As I began to run I felt something fly over my head.
It looks like something is flying in circles in the sky above me, but it
is dark so I cannot see it so well.
I climb the metal stairs of the building across the street, and then head up
to the roof.

"What...what is this...?"
A giant moth...
I guess I didn't completely kill it. That caterpillar that I shot at the
Town Center has followed me here.

And it has matured. It dances against the black sky and is looking down on me.
In addition to the poison that it can discharge from its mouth, it now has
a stinger with which to stick me with.

I hid behind the water tower, and from the slight opening I observed the
gigantic monster.

A monster that circles the sky in attempt to catch me.
Using the water tower as a shield I study its movements and at the same time
look for a vital point.

Its head, with those poisonous tusks...
Its abdomen, which contains a large amount of poisonous liquid...
Its wings, which it can freely control...

"Calm down", I told myself.

While dodging it, I point barrel of the gun at the soft area below its chest.
It adeptly uses it large wings to pursue me, but eventually its strength
runs out and it falls between two buildings.

Green liquid leaks from its insides, and its screams echo throughout the town.

The nightmare still continues...

After passing through the sewers connected to the water supply installation
near the elementary school I came up in the most popular part of Silent Hill,
the lakeside tourist spot.

However, in spite of this there is no reason to expect anyone to be here.
The area is wrapped in darkness, and in a condition in which it would be
impossible to even walk around without a flashlight.

First I decide to enter "Annie's Bar", which lies on the road to the lake.
As I approach the door I notice what sounds like a struggle coming
from the other side.

When I open the door, inside...Kaufmann is there.
Doctor Michael Kaufmann, that is certainly what he said his name was.
A monster has him cornered. His back is against the far wall of the
bar and he is out of breath.

He did not notice me come into the bar, and looked as if he had lost all hope.
I pointed my gun at the monster and fired.
Even after the monster had died, with a cry like a metallic twisting,
Kaufmann just stared into the air looking completely worn out.

"Are you OK?"
As I spoke to him he weakly stood up, brushed his pants twice and then slowly
looked toward me.

"Yeah, I guess so.
But I'm beat.
I thought I was a goner there.
So, how'd it go?
Did you find a way out?"

"No. Not yet.
How about you?"

But it's too soon to give up.
This craziness can't go on forever.
A military rescue squad should be here any time now.
If they come through the town, we're home free."

He looked at the darkness outside the window and clenched his fists.

"I hope so."
I say.

"I better get going.
This isn't the time to stand around flapping out gums."

He fixed his collar, and then began to walk to the door.
He walked as if he were incredibly hungry and when he reached the door
I asked him the question that had been on mind for quite some time.


A ) Ask him about Alessa.

B ) Show him the picture of Alessa.