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Chapter 20 "The End"

I place my hand on the door.
It opens much easier that I thought it would.
An entrance to the deepest area.
Dazzling light escapes from the inside, and I place my hands over my
face and squint.

But it was already too late.

My body bounced like a ball, and smashed into the face of the rock
several meters behind me.

The vehicle that hit me crashed through the guard rail and fell down the
side of the cliff.
After seeing that my mind completely shut down, and all the elements
that formed me returned to nothingness.

and there we have it. We've reached our (tragic) end for the LP's main playthrough. This ending has two slight variations, both really not that exciting. I will compile all the endings into their own posts and explain the paths you must take to aqcuire them.

Also coming up is Cybil's story which will be pretty interesting in its own right, considering it's not a P.O.V we get to really flesh out in the original, so it contains more original content by the Play Novel team. Thanks again to contributing to the thread thus far. I hope to see you all for when I start up Cybil's scenerio soon!

Say bye Harry...