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ENDING E "Truth"

With my eyes closed I prayed hard, and wished for that.
And then the girl came.
The low sound of a motor...
And a chime announce her arrival.
The doors slowly open and close.
After stepping off the elevator the girl walked over to me and stood there.

I was able to tell who the girl was without even raising my head.


I could not hold back my overflowing tears.
I placed my palms on my face and cried out.
Why are you doing this...

My unintelligible voice resonated with the walls of the hall.


I looked at Cheryl through the spaces between my fingers.
In her small right hand she held a black, solemn handgun, which was
disproportionate to her size.

A ) "If you are going to kill me then do it..."

B ) "Give me that handgun...!"