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ENDING C "Basement"
go with the flow

I go with the flow...

I gave up my resistance and closed my eyes.
As I felt that all my actions up this point had been controlled by someone
else, I just waited for that someone to tell me what would be next.

My five senses are sharp...
A noise that I had not heard until now...
Light I had not sensed until now...
Something is all around me, and seems to be filling me with its incredible

The now red light passes through my eyelids, no it should be called a
powerful, strong wave of red. It envelops me.
My body temperature rises.

It has come...
I must recognize the existence of that great power.
However, it doesn't mean that I have forgotten Cheryl.

It doesn't mean that I have forgotten.
I feared that somewhere in my heart.

With my eyes still closed, I tightly embraced the source of that faint light.

While tightly holding on, my body was wrapped in flames.
As the sacred flames burned my body, and reached all the way to my brain, I
never let go of that existence.