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Chapter 17 "No Robbie"

As usual I pretended to go along with what Cybil is saying and nodded.

I cannot let Cybil go alone.
Even if she is a cop, it would be terrible if something were to happen
to her while she is trying to help my daughter.

I waited for a little bit and then headed after Cybil.
I decided that I could always go to the lighthouse later.

Within a current of guessing that raced by like a revolving lantern, I ran
toward the amusement park.

I arrive at the amusement park by going through the sewers.
In the amusement park, which has changed to the form of the otherworld,
several of the attractions run constantly as if they were broken toys.

I pass by the Ferris wheel, and arrive at the merry-go-round.
But, this is the only attraction that is not running.

While it is only natural for a ride to not be in operation, it seems
unnatural for this merry-go-round to not be running...
I walk around it.

Clink...Clink... (Onomatopoeia for walking sounds)

While slipping between the horses I look for Cybil.
Quite a bit of time has passed since she came here.

I suppose maybe she didn't find Cheryl and headed back to that ship.
But the only way to get here is through those sewers.
If she had gone back then we should have ran across each other at some point.

"Huh...what is this...?"
I slowly kneel down and try touching it.
The dark green liquid is still warm.
Something moved through here, and if this trail is traced it will lead back
to the source of the liquid.

And the darkness I see Cybil from behind.

I try calling out to her.
Only the low sound of the motor of the Ferris wheel echoes from afar.
She should be able to hear me.
I take another look at her.

I do not see the brave attitude that was present in her just before.
She walks as if something has drained the life out of her, like she
is wandering about for no reason.
I approach her.
And call out to her once more.

As I do this Cybil staggers as she slowly turns, and confirms my presence.

And then, as if I am watching her in slow motion she raises her right arm
until it is parallel with the ground and then a bullet fires from the
handgun she is holding.

"Cybil, it's me. It's Harry!"

The bullet grazes my shoulder, and with a discordant metallic sound it
hits one of the wooden horses.

...She is coming towards me.

Her eyes no longer appear to be human.
The eerie red color of her eyes does not make it look like her life-force has
been drained, but instead, it makes it appear as if she has been possessed by
some evil being.

I was too late, I think.
Her heart had been devoured by someone, no by Alessa.
What is there is no longer Cybil.
Just an alter-ego of Alessa that is using Cybil's body...

I ready my handgun and fire it at Cybil.
I have no choice. If I do not fire then I will be killed.
If I die then I won't be able to save Cheryl or anything.

She should be my most dependable partner.
The first person I met in town and a supporter.
An irreplaceable friend that risked her life to help me search for Cheryl.

And now I am going to kill her in the name of rescuing my daughter.
However, I have no choice.
I will be killed if I do nothing.
I pull the trigger.

Each time I hit Cybil I feel like I am going to pass out.
And as Cybil collapses I become aware of my error.

Cybil has become just an object.
I rush over to Cybil and look at her. She is on her back with her eyes wide
open. I sink to the ground.
Tears distort my vision.

did this happen..."

At the moment I am about to touch Cybil her back suddenly rises and
begins squirming.

A nasty liquid-like monster bursts out of Cybil's lifeless back.
It crawls on the floor, and begins to move at a speed not unthinkable for its

Keeping only it in my sight, I pursue it.
I am already exhausted, and maybe in no condition to correctly judge things.

And then just as I had predicted, she appeared.
The girl that wrapped up this town and its residents in her otherworld.

That girl carefully formed her body from out of light, and appeared right
in front of me.

I begin to talk to that demon.

"I figured you'd show.
Hold it right there.
I don't know who you are, what you're trying to do, and I don't care.
Just one thing.
Let Cheryl go.
That's all I ask."

Before I finish speaking Alessa raises her right hand toward the sky.

And then she brings her arm down and my entire body is blown backwards.
My body tumbles across the ground like a rag for about 30 meters, and then
finally comes to a rest.

Such incredible power.
A servant of god, a demon's power.
A normal person like me has no chance against her.
Power is gushing out of her body, and it emits a pale light. I cannot even
approach her.

"Huh? What is this?"

Suddenly a blinding light emits from my pocket.
It is that four-sided object, the Flauros.
Light shoots out in a straight line from each of the points of its triangles,
and it eventually rises up into the air.

Just as I thought that the great light and sound it was wrapped in meant that
its power was greater than Alessa's, the power of the Flauros condensed,
became a beam of light, and pierced Alessa's body.

Just as I was just before, Alessa was blown backwards by that power, which
she could not overcome.

"Where's Cheryl? Give me back my daughter."
I was on the verge of passing out, and I thought of Cheryl.

All I can do is calmly look at the unbelievable sight before me as it unfolds
before my eyes.

What just happened? Is Cheryl ok?

However, she does not answer me.
Instead, a hoarse voice passes into my thoughts, and it is accompanied by
the sound of footsteps.

"We meet at last, Alessa."


"Dahlia Gillespie......"

Unable to move from my prone position I thought about who's voice that was.

And then using all my strength I stand.
After confirming that it was Dahlia in front of me I spoke in a voice that
was nearly a yell.

"Where's Cheryl? Where is she?"

Dahlia does not hear me yelling.
She does not look back, and looks at Alessa with a creepy smile.

"Alessa. This is the end of your little game."


Mother...? I am confused.

"Huh? Could she be...?"

"You've been a ghastly little pest, haven't you? Alessa?
I was careless. Thinking you couldn't escape from our spell.

But Mommy didn't know how much you'd grown.
That's why I couldn't catch you all by myself.
But what a pity, yes?
Now you're half indebted to this man for his help."

"Hey! What are you talking about?"

My voice just echoes emptily in the darkness.

"Alessa. My dear little girl...
There is one thing left I need you to do for me."

"No. Get away from me."

"Bad girl. Everything is ready. Let's go home now, uh-hmm?"

What about Cheryl...
Just where is she...
give me back my daughter...

my daughter...

What happened?
Where's Alessa, and Dahlia?

Since before...
I went to check out the basement like you said...


I was on the verge of passing out, but now I am slowly getting
more and more wide awake.

" went to check out the basement?"

"Yes...even though I was told never to go there...
It was on my mind..."

I swallow hard.

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