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Another almost entirely text update. Can you guess why...?

Chapter 19 "Cube"


There is no response.
Every now and then an uncomfortably warm liquid splashes on my arm.
It is sticky and smells like blood, and is extremely unpleasant.

I take a few steps back.
And then I decide to try getting away.
After a few steps I have no idea of which way I came from.

Even so I continued to run.

I try mindlessly fiddling with the switch on my flashlight.
It only makes a clicking sound, and there is no sign that it will turn on.
All I can do is run blindly.

Those unintelligible things that Lisa kept babbling about.
Lisa's attitude suddenly changed at the moment I said Alessa's name.
In cahoots? One of them?
I don't understand.
It is that I too am being controlled by someone?

What was it that was behind me...
What was that existence that frightened Lisa that much...?

And where is Cheryl?

I don't know anything anymore.
If what Lisa said was true then Kaufmann might be somewhere down here
in this basement.

He is said to have killed himself.
However, I just saw him in the bar, and we spoke.
At the moment I found the small bottle in the gas tank of the motorcycle
he gave me a furious look and yelled at me.

There is no doubt, he is alive.
And he must know something.
An essential key regarding what is wrong with this town and Alessa's

I ran right into the wall in front of me, bounced off of it, and
fell backwards.


And then by chance my light begins to pour out from my flashlight.
I rubbed the area around my lower back, stood up, and then shined the
light on the wall that was blocking my path.

The mark of Samael.
It was drawn very large on the door. It has the power to deny the invasion
of heretics.
I shine the light around the area, but the circumstances are unexplainable.

I was trapped inside of a cramped cube, about 2 meters across.

The path I ran through to get here has suddenly vanished.
In order to escape I can only open this heavy door.

I was no longer surprised.
Or rather, my mind was paralyzed and I was no longer able to be surprised.
Perhaps saying it like that is best.
What should be and what should not be have become reversed.


A ) open the door in front of me.

B ) let my body go with the flow.