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Autumn is in its twilight. It seems that even without a body I can understand this sorrow.

Lady Yuyuko, I've brought snacks.

Thank you Youmu, put them over there.

Um, are you sure it's fine to start before the day is over? If you're talking about the twilight of autumn, I think you should wait for sunset.

Ah, but if I did that then the day wouldn't end. Twilight is something you silently view. So to enjoy the feast of autumn you should let it finish.

You're so different when your stomach is empty...

Woah Youmu, where did that come from?

Autumn is the season of harvest and decline. I think for Yuyuko, both of those facets are enjoyable.


Good afternoon, Yuyuko. Have you been a good neighbour?

Oh my, Yukari. Barely anyone is here, so sit wherever you please.

You always enter so suddenly... shall I fetch a plate for you?

Don't worry about me, I'm fine. I'll share with Yuyuko. Anyway, it's been a while. Are you as energetic as always?

Of course. And how about you? You haven't contacted me at all recently so I thought it a case of lower back pain.

I was busy with all sorts of things this summer and had absolutely no free time.

Speaking of summer, what about that mist incident?

i mean i wouldn't know or anything but i'm just saying it seemed like quite the incident

Ah, that. Youmu, you should know all about it, right?

! You knew that I was helping Reimu and the others?

Naturally. Did you have fun resolving the incident with Reimu's group?

Y-yes. In the end I'd say that being able to look around the living world was a valuable experience. But I regret that I left the estate without permission, I'm very sorry for the trouble.

It was bothersome how you didn't maintain the garden~. I'll leave it at that this time.

I am deeply sorry. From now on I shall refrain from leaving and perform my daily tasks properly.

I don't particularly mind. I'd be bored if every day were the same.

Oh, you want something to change?

Well, it doesn't feel like I'm living when it's always the same. Though I am dead.

Yuyuko is officially the administrator of the Netherworld, though apparently all that position involves is sitting around on your ass all day.

That's also true. It's beautiful here, but too quiet. On the other hand, the living world probably thinks their realm is annoying.

S-speaking of that...

The newcomers to Youkai Mountain still know little of Gensokyo. Soon a difficult matter shall rise, and Reimu may panic and rush out to handle it.

You're surprisingly concerned about this young, red-white lady.

Ran has grown up recently, so I don't have anyone to tease anymore. That child skillfully handled summer's matter for me, but she's still immature.

So to Lady Yukari, even Reimu isn't enough.

That person seems very amusing. Yet this person hasn't changed at all. Maybe they have too much free time?

Well, let's have fun with what's happening right now. I wonder how Reimu will deal with the current battle for me?

Oh, you stopped playing? I guess that's all for now. Say, since you're here, let me tell you something interesting.

For an attack to get a S property, it's got to be able to leave a mark you know? It's gotta be solid (money).

I'm not swimming in cash though, so there's a lot of space between my bullets. Well, see you later.