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Good afternoon everyone. I am Sanae Kochiya, a wind priestess of the Moriya Shrine.

Hey, you're that girl we fought at the lake.

Yes, the other shrine maiden. And later you came to the shrine to hear from Reimu.

It hasn't been that long. I hear you tried to shut down the shrine but got beaten up instead?

Marisa wasn't around when that happened, but I guess it was funny enough that Reimu told her.

That's a crude way of putting it, but about right.

So what did you come here for today? Don't tell me you're trying to close the shrine again.

Exactly that. As I thought, youkai are gathering here, there's neither faith nor worshippers... I believe that the Hakurei Shrine should suspend operations and turn this land over to the Moriya Shrine.

! This again?

Uh, didn't Reimu shoot you full of holes last time?

You're quite the blunt fairy. I certainly did lose last time. However, shortly afterwards the Moriya Shrine procured a powerful source of faith. So the situation is different now.

Huh, I don't really see anything different.

But if you want to decide this with another danmaku match, you're in for a world of hurt!

...I would also like a rematch, but that is not the purpose of my visit today.

So what is?

I do not think our match should be decided at the Hakurei Shrine. In fact, I think there's a better method than fighting to resolve things.

what is this blasphemy

All that hot air and you're too scared to tussle with Reimu? Is this some kind of bluff?

If you want to find out, then it would be best to see with your own eyes.


The Moriya Shrine, is halfway up Youkai Mountain. If you can make it up there, I shall show you the difference in power between our shrines.

Go to Youkai Mountain? Is this some kind of tri-

Now with that said, I shall take my leave.

Hey, wait a second!

Sanae flies away. Nobody stops her because .

Oh wow, she's gone.

Did she come over just for that? I don't know what the heck's up with that wind priestess, but she sure said some fishy stuff.

I suppose it's hard to understand what kind of place the Hakurei Shrine is. It's true there aren't many worshippers, but this is a place where both humans and youkai can gather.

Well I mean what did she even want? All I heard is that she came to the shrine and got her butt kicked, but it looks like that's not the whole story.

To be succinct, that girl believes that the Hakurei Shrine's current methods are impermissible from the view of a shrine maiden.

What's wrong with it?

The shrine hosts youkai and humans don't come. The deity must be furious... that's why that girl's shrine is trying to take over. Or at least that's my theory.

Reimu's shrine is supposed to have a god living in it, but nobody's heard from it ever because Reimu is kind of terrible at her day job.

Oh, I see. So that weird message was just because humans don't come here?

Seems like it. It's probably true that my shrine's god gets ignored at divine meetings or whatever...

But so what? I'm not dumb enough to care about a god I don't know the first thing about!

The worst part is how youkai are apparently some kind of corrupting influence.

Well no matter how suspicious it was, her threat might be the real deal.

But to call Reimu to a place like Youkai Mountain? This might be a trap.

Well there's only one way to find out. You up for this, Reimu?

Of course. If she wants to show me the might of the Moriya Shrine, then I'll be happy to take a look.

I'll kick down that shrine maiden and her god! That'll wrap everything up!