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Ooo, that's a pretty sight.

It really is. Now I wish I brought lunch.

I've got an appetite for some autumn flavors. It'd be great if we had some baked potatoes.

If you're a magician, shouldn't you want to do some autumn reading instead?

In Japan, Autumn is famously a season for eating and reading.

I'm a fan of being practical. When my belly's empty, no way I can do magic. So what about you? If you had a bunch of leaves would you use them as bookmarks or something?

Don't put me on your level. I press them into letters.

Which she mails to her mom.

Sheesh, you were all so worked up when we left, but now all of the nervous tension is gone.

Hey, wait up!


Hm, what's up?

I'm trying to catch that kedama. But it keeps getting away from me!

Hey, don't bully my pet.

I'm not bullying it, I just want to freeze it a bit.

...People normally call that bullying.

Speaking of that kedama, did you stop keeping it in a bottle?

Yeah, I tried letting it out and it didn't run away. But every time I wanna play with it, it just hides back inside. Reminds me of me, so I like it.

What are you feeding it? I bet you've tried all sorts of things.

I did but I gave up. It just won't eat in front of me, no matter how many bugs I give it.

...You're a horrible owner.

That's a pathetic way to raise a pet. Here, come to me.


Heehee, that tickles. You're quite playful.

Ahaha, it likes her! Maybe it just doesn't like its owner?

...Shiro, I'm your master. Don't get so used to other people.

I suppose Shiro will be staying with me until we reach Youkai Mountain then.

The conversation gets kind of disjointed from here. I'm not sure if I just can't follow it or if it's like that originally.

No doubt. And we should be arriving at the mountain base soon.

Now that I think about it, Nitori's at Youkai Mountain too. I've been meaning to go visit, but I never did find a guide.

Well of course, Youkai Mountain does not permit strangers to enter. Even other youkai are turned away.

That's weird, we're all youkai. Why are they so mean?

The residents of Youkai Mountain have created their own society and laws. Especially the current rulers, the tengu. They have a very strong sense of fellowship, but only to their kind. That's why they guard their territory so zealously.

Youkai Mountain seems like a very peculiar place.

I suppose. But that peculiarity may be why the mountain is home to one of Gensokyo's older races, the kappa.

Well if that god is up there, I'm sure the place is a mess right now.

I wouldn't be so sure. I can feel an aura of abundance even from here.

Tengu, kappa, and now gods. We're dealing with a ton of ancient stuff, huh.

Presumably Marisa shouted that.

Keep it down, they can hear your voice.

Fine with me. I'm getting bored, I was expecting some kind of savage wasteland.

Okay, then let's start the adventure!

Ayaya, the game's stopped. Thanks for the hard work.

While you're taking a break, keep in mind that I want you to come back as soon as possible. After all, if you're not here then I'm in a lot of trouble...

Why? Well if the game isn't continuing, neither is the incident. I've got an article to write, you know!

So please, for the sake of the Bunbunmaru, hurry back!