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Wow, they ran away with their tails between their legs.

I'm grateful for everyone's help today.

There's no need to thank me for doing my duty. More importantly, have we accomplished your goal, Lady Kochiya?

We have. Now that she is aware of our superior might, I am certain Reimu will submit to the Moriya Shrine.

You are avoiding my question. Do you not want to avenge your loss to the Hakurei shrine maiden?

...I do. If it's just a matter of displaying the differences in our shrines' amount of faith, I would have preferred to convince Reimu in a danmaku battle. However, Lady Yasaka's wishes are of greater importance than my feelings.

If that's how you feel, I'll leave it at that.

But I wouldn't relax so soon if I were you. I think you don't understand those girls very well.

What makes you say that?

To be brief, they are likely to return with a larger group.

Bingo. Lady Kochiya, didn't you see a large gathering of humans and youkai at that shrine last summer?

...I did, and I witnessed quite a noisy crowd the last time I visited too. Very well, please keep an eye on Reimu and her entourage. I expect they'll start moving soon.

Understood. I trust you have no problems with me sending out scouts?

Not at all, I'd appreciate a detailed report. I will be returning to Lady Yasaka's side now, so please excuse me.

Sanae flies off.

...Yeesh, working day in and day out. Our newcomer goddess really is diligent.

And Aya and Momiji's mouths promptly loosen.

Indeed. Every time I meet her she's busy with something.

Well I don't care about her, I just don't want our workload to increase too much. By the way, don't you think it's strange? Even though we give offerings weekly, youkai are banned from the shrine grounds barring summons.

According to the Moriya shrine, that's just how we should show our faith. I may not understand the reasoning, but the great tengu gave the order... and I won't shirk my duties.

Quick primer on the tengu hierarchy: there's the boss tengu at the top, and then five other kinds each fulfilling different roles. The great tengu are in charge of management, the crows handle information, the white wolves deal with security, and the other two don't even appear in this game I think.

Well aren't you a loyal puppy.

I'm a white wolf!

In any case, you can think as deeply as you want. As long as they're happy over there, and we're doing fine over here, there's no problem.

...I suppose. That's why we agreed to cooperate after all. Now then, how to handle the monitoring. Are there any crow tengu available to head out?

Yup, but I don't think our groups will play nice. Do you want to form two squads?

Seems reasonable. I'll go gather up any tengu interested in going.

Momiji leaves.

Sheesh, what a hassle. If those humans end up giving up, I won't have much of an article.