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We didn't have to run away!

Yeah, what she said! If those jerks get what they want, I can't play here anymore!

Both of you, calm down. The situation isn't that simple.

Our opponent is Youkai Mountain, Gensokyo's single largest force.

Maybe, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stand for chickening out. Hey, Reimu, say something.



This is just a thought, but... maybe it'd be for the best if I handed the shrine over.

This is Reimu's main plot point for the first half of FMW2: wondering why she should even bother doing her job.

What did you just say?!

Well, the goddess at the top of the mountain is a lot better at gathering faith. All I can do is exterminate youkai. Don't you think their shrine is a lot more... shrine-like?

That's nonsense. A shrine's worth isn't decided by its total faith!

And besides that, crushing a shrine doesn't sound like something a goddess would normally say. Aren't you the slightest bit suspicious?

Well, I did think it was a little weird, but let's face it: they're better at gathering faith. What am I supposed to do about that?

Hey, hey, what kind of excuse is that? If you throw in the towel, the god over here's gonna get cut off.

Indeed, this is unacceptable.

Yukari warps in.



It's been a while, Reimu. I trust you've been in good health?

Woah, what is she? She came out of nowhere!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Yukari Yakumo, a youkai who lurks in the borders of Gensokyo.

Yukari Yakumo?!

Who's this weirdo? Someone Reimu knows?

Don't be so flippant. She's one of the youkai sages who created Gensokyo. She may look ordinary, but I've heard that she oversees all of Gensokyo...

If that's the case, I suppose you had a good view of what happened on the mountain?

Of course. That shrine maiden has gained immense power from all of the faith she has gathered. How do you intend to deal with this, Reimu?

...She gave me a business offer, and I'm thinking about it.

If you didn't come up with it, you don't need it. You're better off just being yourself.

What's that supposed to mean?

I think you already know. You are the Hakurei shrine maiden, after all. And don't forget, Gensokyo has its own method of problem solving.

...Are you talking about the Spellcard rules?

Exactly. Now then, how did you girls handle the mighty opponents you faced last summer?

Last summer? Ah, you mean when we scolded that vampire.

That's one way to put it.

But that time we had Youmu and Rumia helping us ou- Oh, I get it! All we have to do is grab enough people to even the odds!

It's as you say. So Reimu, have you remembered how to resolve incidents?

...I get it. So just decide things with a danmaku match like always, right?

I think that's a fine idea as well, but... Yukari Yakumo, you watch over all of Gensokyo. Why are you so interested in this incident? Is our success crucial?

You're thinking too much. I just saw some humans and youkai working together and decided to lend a hand. But you know, if Gensokyo were to face an onslaught of incidents, I think a group like yours might be very useful.

Incidentally, fuck translating Yukari's lines.

...So what you're saying is that something else will happen soon.

Don't be silly, how could I know that? I'm simply an ordinary youkai concerned with your growth. And with that, I shall take my leave.

She does.

...She's gone.

Wow, she was here and then she wasn't.

That's normal. Though when she's involved, "normal" loses all meaning.

Who cares, now we know what to do. And that's to grab help! Momentum's important when it comes to this sort of thing, so let's figure out a plan quick.

True. Let's meet back here two days from now in the morning. Having seen Youkai Mountain's forces, I think it'd be good to have more people than last time.

More hands make for lighter work, so I think it would be better to split up while we gather allies.

Let me help too! I can bring anyone, right?

Well aren't you pumped. Alright then, get to it.

Leave it to me! I'll be back soon!

Cirno runs off.

Though any friends she brings over are probably going to be useless. Anyway, Alice, let's go find some helpers.

Hold on, why do I have to go with you?

Because she needs that friendship bonus.

Because we know the same people. They wouldn't give me the time of day if I went to their place alone, so you should come with me.

I see. Very well, I'll go with you.

Alright then, we're counting on you two.

Gotcha. See ya.

Marisa and Alice ditch too.

Well that's that. We should start moving too.

Is this shrine really worth all this effort?

Hey, don't say things like that. Everyone's heading out for your sake; you could stand to learn a little diligence from them actually.

...Whatever, I guess I'll be counting on you from now on.

Did you say something?

It's nothing. Anyway, is there someone you want to ask?

Yes, she's someone I've been wanting to bring with me for a while now. I think we should go to her place first. I'd like to leave tomorrow, so please prepare yourself. I'll be off now.

Sheesh, they all just say whatever they want... I'm never going to get any time to relax. I guess I'll get ready for tomorrow.