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So yeah, since we're planning on charging Youkai Mountain, we came here hoping you girls would lend a hand.

Don't just suddenly spew everything out like that if you want her to grasp the situation.

...I suppose I should have expected something like this when you came in through the front door of all things. In any case, I understand what's going on. I'll send a message through Koakuma, so discuss this with Remi.

Presumably Koakuma actually does head off with her message.

Gotcha. Be a huge help if we could borrow your Chief Maid... and hey, how about you? A fight every now and then is fun.

I refuse. I see no reason to go.

Fine, sheesh.

True, but wouldn't you like an opportunity to display the fruits of your studies? Furthermore, it would greatly reassure our group if you were to lend us your might.

See, this is why Marisa brought Alice.

I suppose...

What Alice said. Besides, if you don't get out more you're gonna start growing mushrooms.


Marisa, keep your mouth shut!

...If you're finished here, please see yourselves out. Talk with Remilia in another room.

(Now look what you've done. Your smart mouth has ruined the mood.)

(Oh come on, I was just looking out for Patchy.)

I see you lot are as rowdy as ever. I could hear you from the hallways.

I've returned, Lady Patchouli.

...Oh my.

It's rare to see you here. Did you receive Koakuma's message?

There was just a book I wanted to read. Now then, I assume you two want my assistance?

Nailed it. Ever heard of Youkai Mountain?

Only rumors. Something about a large amount of powerful youkai making their home there.

A little off. Only a few are strong, but there certainly are a lot.

Even the game isn't pretending that 90% of Youkai Mountain is a meaningful threat.

Heh. So, what's this all about?

There's this god up there picking a fight, so we went with Reimu to give her a scolding. But those mountain youkai got in the way and gave us a hard time, so we decided to get some more people.

I see, so you want to borrow our power.

Hmm, if it's for Reimu's sake I'd be willing to handle some interfering youkai... well, we've heard their story. Patchy, what will you do?

I'll pass. I still don't have a reason to cooperate.

Erm, are you sure? It may be troublesome, but I think the occasional trip outside would be good for your body...

Don't be so fussy. I have a good relationship with the shade.

So how about you, Remilia? I bet you'd like a good fight.

I shall also refuse.


How surprising, I'd have thought you'd be all for this.

Why should I lead the way for you destinyless louts? More importantly, I have no absolutely no interest in the affairs of the shrine.

That so...

If you had a more interesting story I'd think about it more, but too bad.

...There's no point trying to force the issue. It's a pity, but let's look elsewhere.

I'm sorry we couldn't help...

Well, I suppose I should bid you troublesome guests farewell.

No choice then. Guess we'll be heading back quietly... and empty-handed.

It seems the game has been suspended. Please rest yourself.

I expect you to resume playing sometime soon. After all, while you play this game, your time is mine... see you again.

It Is A JoJo Reference.