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Sakuya~, I'd like some more tea.

Very well.

Sakuya~, there isn't enough sugar.

...Very well.

Sakuya~, I'd like some more snacks.


Hmm? What's wrong? Time's a wasting.

What are your intentions, Komachi?

What, is that how you scold your mistress? You seem pretty good at it.

Absolutely not. And if it was the mistress, she'd want milk, not sugar.

Well that's a weird thing to put in black tea. Whoops, no offense intended.

At any rate, you've been lounging about all day now. What about your job?

Ah, I'm just working at my own pace. Or are you saying that I'm being a bother?

I wouldn't go that far. You aren't interfering with my own work.


(Hey, that woman came over for tea again.)

(Yeah, I started seeing her after summer ended... I hear she's a friend of the Chief Maid, but isn't she a shinigami? I wonder how they met?)

"I'm pals with death."

"She's kind of a bum."

You two there, is something wrong?

O-oh, no, it's just that it's almost time for the evening meal so we were wondering how to prepare for it.

My, you're right. Komachi, do you want to eat as well?

Well if that's an invitation then I'd be happy to accept.

I understand. I haven't failed you yet, so I'd better not hear any complaints.

Don't worry, I won't say anything if you serve me the same stuff you give the mistress and the rest. That reminds me, I haven't seen that witch around today. Did she go out somewhere?

Unfortunately, Lady Patchouli is currently seeing to some guests. Though for those two, regular customers might be a more apt description...