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...Getting straight to the point, right now we're looking for allies.

Oh, so that's why you came here.

Too bad we got thrown out. Speaking of that, where'd Remilia head off to?

I think she's playing chess right now. I wonder if she'd be willing to play with everyone?

Yeah, we're staying the night after all. This'll be fun!

...Well aren't you two relaxed. I'm starting to think talking with you guys was a bad idea.

It was a nice story though. And if it's you all, I'm sure you'll be able to beat out that shrine.

But things have just been weird. Reimu's been brooding and it's been pretty tough getting help from here.

This whole thing seems kind of confusing.

By the way, I've been wondering about something since I met you. You're carrying a scythe, so are you a gatekeeper?

No, Kurumi. Not all gatekeepers carry scythes.

Hah, well I guess you could call me a gatekeeper. I'm a ferrywoman of the Sanzu River, a shinigami.

Eh!? Then does that mean you're here to take our lives!?

It's not like that. My job's to carry restless spirits to Higan.

Higan is basically the afterlife's waiting room.

A shinigami huh? Didn't expect to meet someone so dangerous today. Well, might as well introduce myself: I'm Marisa Kirisame, a witch who lives in the Forest of Magic.

Oh, rumors of a witch like you have even reached Higan. Don't worry, they're positive ones.

You don't say? I guess tales of my amazing feats have finally crossed Gensokyo's borders!

If I'm remembering right, during a festival you held a really impressive puppet show in the village. It was supposed to have been amazing.

...That's a different witch. This punk over here, in fact. Meet Alice.

Thank you Komachi, I'm honored.

It's nothing big. But you know, I've only ever heard of your show. This time I'd love to see it.

What a shame. I suppose you're not very well known.

Shut it.

Anyway, I get what's going on now. Seems pretty interesting.

Don't suppose you feel like coming with us then?

If you need other people, then okay. When do we leave?

It's a little sudden, but tomorrow. We'll be gathering at the shrine.

Oho, tomorrow huh? If that's the case, I'll go too.

I hope that when FMW gets to PoFV, it's just a single chapter of Eiki beating the crap out of Komachi for skipping work so much.

What about your job?

It's fine, it's fine. I'm sure I've met today and tomorrow's quota already. Anyway, are you and Meiling coming too? Don't leave me with people I don't know.

Sorry, but Sakuya and I still have work to do. Remember what the mistress sai-

Oh my, are you all still talking about that?


No duh we're still talking about it. That's why we came here.

Well about that... Sakuya, Meiling, you are to go with them immediately.

Of... course?

Both of us!?

Why the sudden change of heart? Earlier you said you weren't interested.

I changed my mind when I saw that tengu.

They need to be taught a lesson if they think they can lay a hand on the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

But mistress, the two of us still have work to attend to.

The mansion can last without you for a day. Now, I want you to report back to me what their crying faces looked like.

...Understood. Marisa, I assume you have no complaints?

Of course not. Thanks a lot, Remilia!

Hey! Don't forget we're coming too!

This is kind of like an all-day picnic at the mountain. Sakuya, could you pack some lunchboxes?

Woah, things sure got lively.