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Whew, what a relief. I was pretty freaked out for a second there.

Indeed, and I would never have thought Yuuka's subordinates would join us. Though I would feel more confident if Remilia or Patchouli came...

Yeah, I feel like they should get out more. But if they don't wanna come, they don't wanna come. Anyway, we've got quite the fighting force now. When we march into Youkai Mountain tomorrow, those youkai aren't gonna know what... hit them...


Ah, it's nothing bad. I was just thinking that we're gonna be up against Nitori.

...Is yesterday still bothering you?

...Yeah, kind of. It's just, we were buddies in the last incident right? But now she's siding with that shrine maiden.

There's nothing we can do about that. Nitori is a resident of Youkai Mountain.

I get that. It's just, she was a good friend so I don't really want to think about fighting her.

True enough. I understand your feelings, but don't let them blind you. Our opponent is Youkai Mountain.

I know, and we can't just let the shrine get taken over. Whatever, I'll see you tomorrow. I'm gonna go to sleep.

I see. Have a good night then.