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Guh, I've lost again. You don't hold back, not even against your mistress.

You did order me to play against you. Now, would you like another match? You might beat me this time.

...No, it's alright.

I see. In that case, shall I prepare a drink? Warm tea will help you relax.

Do what you want. What are Elly and Kurumi doing?

Lady Kurumi went to bed immediately after eating. It seems Lady Elly told her that sleeping and waking up early is the secret to good health.

Hm. I wonder why they even came.

They're probably just not comfortable with you... or something like that.

Oh, Patchy.

I heard what happened. So in the end you did decide to help them.

Indeed, Sakuya and Meiling will be assisting them for a short while.

Yes, a short while.

In other news, translating wordplay is hard.

Was that a complaint?

I wonder which way the wind will blow next. Didn't you reject them earlier?

I suppose my temper got the best of me. But at least their group seems formidable now. Besides, I have to admit I'm a little interested.


Even though they're youkai, they've formed a group like us. It's quite rare.

I suppose that is a little interesting. And they are rather close by too.

Indeed. I may not be able to go, but if you'd like you could make a visit.

...They're leaving tomorrow, right?


Flandre runs in out of nowhere. Last game's epilogue left off with them being passive agressive as hell to each other, let's see how they've grown!

Yo-young mistress! If you run like that you could get hurt!

I thought you'd be here, Lady Patchouli.

Meiling and Koakuma? Why have you brought the young mistress here?

Um, she wanted to find Lady Patchouli for some reason, so we...

Please forgive us, she was very energetic. We ended up bringing her with us.

...So, why the attitude?

You're here too? Whatever, you're useless.

Why you...

...I guess they can hold a conversation without one of them storming out of the room now?

More importantly, Patchouli, teach me magic that can reflect sunlight!

Excuse me?

Yeah, I heard from Meiling that Marisa and her friends are heading out somewhere. I want to go with them!

I see you still talk too much.

I-I'm so sorry, it was a slip of the tongue.

In any case, my condolences young mistress. I'll be sure to bring back some beautiful leaves for you to decorate your room with, so please stay behind and take care of the house.

That's not what I want. I want to play outside! I want to go with Marisa!

Absolutely not, I forbid you from leaving the mansion. Just play at home.

Argh, you're always like this. Fine, I'll go play by myself!

Flandre storms off.

Okay I guess their relationship hasn't improved much.

I'm in this mansion too you know! Don't just leave me behind!

Oh, they're fighting again...

Yeah, this is already the usual now.

Don't stand there idly, Meiling. You're her caretaker, so calm Flandre down.

Wait, you're passing her to me now!?

...Well, this isn't too bad. Sakuya, prepare some tea for when they settle down.

As you wish.