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That should do it. It's a little rough, but it should last.

Thanks, it's very comfortable. ...Who would have thought that you'd use the medicine I brought for you on me?

For her? Hey, have you been getting hurt?

Don't worry about it, just focus on the matter at hand.

Speaking of that, this time the enemies are those tengu huh?

Yes, the mountain definitely seems like a scary place... but Cirno's also looking for people to help you fight.

It's kind of surprising to see you so certain about going to a place like that.

It's because I'm worried about Cirno. It's just...

It's just?

I'm worried she'll do something dangerous. Last time, we snuck into that Scarlet house with Rumia after all...

Oh yeah, that happened. That was a really delicious sandwich.

Well, as long as Cirno doesn't recklessly invade the mountain, she shouldn't have to worry about the tengu.

Are you afraid she'll charge in?


You don't have to worry, just come to the shrine tomorrow morning. Cirno's group will be there.

Okay, I'll go. I hope I won't get in everyone's way...

By the way, if we're going up against tengu, shouldn't we leave the fairies behind? They'd be useless.

We can't. Cirno and Daiyousei were our allies in the last incident after all.

...Allies, huh. So even after all of that, I can't convince you to not go, huh Keine.

Of course, an injury like this won't break me.

...Fine, I guess I'll have to go with you too then.

What was that?


Considering what happened earlier, I'm too worried to leave you alone. I have to stop you from doing any other crazy things.

It's fine, she's unkillable.

Thank you very much. Reimu, you're fine with this too, right?

Sure, why not. That's why we came here after all.

You're always so rude~.

Shut it.

Pretty much everything from this point is a loose translation.

Sorry if this gets in the way, but I should add something. I still don't care about your shrine. You can handle that stuff on your own.

...Even if you didn't tell me that, I'd have handled it myself.

They don't really look like they're getting along...

...I guess I should have expected this. But now I'm glad we came. In any case, we should head back and get ready for tomorrow.

Are you sure it's okay to move around so soon? Shouldn't you rest a bit before we head back?

No, it's fine. I don't want to stay too long and be a bother.

I don't really care. Feel free to rest here until you get better.

No really, it's fine. I have to prepare for tomorrow too, and I wouldn't want to borrow your bed.

? Well, I'll leave Keine to you girls then.

Alright, I'll be counting on you tomorrow. Be sure to come to the Hakurei Shrine in the morning.

Got it. Be careful while you head back.

The group leaves.

...Sheesh, now I'm fighting along with the shrine maiden. Well, whatever. I'll do whatever I want to do.