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FP Character Cards:

Elven Cloaks/It is a gift
Elven Rope/It is a gift
Phial of Galadriel/It is a gift
Sm?agol Helps Nice Master/It is a gift
Mithril Coat and Sting/Blade of Westernesse
Axe and Bow/Mighty Attack
Horn of Gondor/Mighty Attack
Wizard's Staff/Servant of the Secret Fire
There is Another Way/Heroic Death
I Will Go Alone/Daring Defiance
Bilbo's Song/Fateful Strike
Mirror of Galadriel/Heroic Death
Challenge of the King/Sudden Strike
Gwaihir the Windlord/Daring Defiance
We Prove the Swifter/Daring Defiance
There and Back Again/Brave Stand
The Eagles are Coming!/Heroic Death
The Ents Awake: Treebeard/Ent's Rage
The Ents Awake: Huorns/Huorn-Dark
The Ents Awake: Entmoot/Nameless Wood
Dead Men of Dunharrow/Sudden Strike
House of the Stewards/Brave Stand
The Grey Company/Brave Stand
You Know the Way There/Blade of Westernesse
Safe Paths in the Dark/It is a gift
Wind from the West/Orderly Withdrawal
Three Rings for the Elven-Kings/Orderly Withdrawal

FP Strategy Cards:

The Last Battle/Daylight
A Power too Great/No Quarter
The Power of Tom Bombadil/Advantageous Position
Book of Mazarbul/Advantageous Position
The Spirit of Mordor/Scouts
Faramir's Rangers/Shield-wall
Fear! Fire! Foes!/Shield-wall
Wisdom of Elrond/Confusion
The Red Arrow/Scouts
Help Unlooked For/No Quarter
Paths of the Woses/Sudden Strike
Through a Day and a Night/Confusion
Cirdan's Ships/Charge
Guards of the Citadel/Charge
Celeborn's Galadhrim/Daylight
Riders of Th?oden/Daylight
Grimbeorn the Old, Son of Beorn/Scouts
Imrahil of Dol Amroth/Shield-wall
King Brand's Men/Shield-wall
Swords in Eriador/Advantageous Position
Kindred of Glorfindel/Advantageous Position
Dain Ironfoot's Guard/Valour
?omer, Son of ?omund/Valour
Thranduil's Archers/Valour
Every Little is a Gain/Shield-Wall
Rangers of the North/Advantageous Position

SP Character Cards:

Shelob's Lair/One for the Dark Lord
The Ring is Mine!/One for the Dark Lord
On, On They Went/One for the Dark Lord
Give it to Uss!/One for the Dark Lord
Orc Patrol/Cruel as Death
Isildur's Bane/Cruel as Death
Foul Thing from the Deep/They are Terrible
Candles of Corpses/Dread and Despair
Nazg?l Search/Foul Stench
Cruel Weather/Cruel as Death
The Nazg?l Strike!/Black Breath
Morgul Wound/Black Breath
Lure of the Ring/They are Terrible
The Breaking of the Fellowship/Dread and Despair
Worn with Sorrow and Toil/Words of Power
Flocks of Crebain/They are Terrible
A Balrog is Come!/Durin's Bane
The Lidless Eye/Words of Power
Dreadful Spells/Devilry of Orthanc
Grond, Hammer of the Underworld/Dread and Despair
The Palant?r of Orthanc/Cruel as Death
Wormtongue/Foul Stench
The Ringwraiths Are Abroad/Words of Power
The Black Captain Commands/Foul Stench
We Won't Go Back/Fear of their Masters
The Lore of the Elven Rings/Fear of their Masters
The Gates are Closed/Words of Power
Captain of Despair/Servant of the Shadow

SP Strategy Cards:

Return to Valinor/Deadly Strife
The Fighthing Uruk-hai/Onslaught
Denethor's Folly/Devilry of Orthanc
The Day Without Dawn/Relentless Assault
Threats and Promises/Devilry of Orthanc
Stormcrow/Great Host
Shadows Gather/M?makil
The Shadow Lengthens/M?makil
The Shadow is Moving/Swarm of Bats
Corsairs of Umbar/Deadly Strife
Rage Of The Dunlendings/Relentless Assault
Return of the Witch-king/Swarm of Bats
Half-orcs and Goblin-men/We Come to Kill
Olog-hai/We Come to Kill
Hill-trolls/We Come to Kill
A New Power is Rising/Great Host
Many Kings to the Service of Mordor/Great Host
The King is Revealed/Relentless Assault
Shadows on the Misty Mountains/Onslaught
Orcs Multiplying Again/Onslaught
Horde From the East/Deadly Strife
Monsters Roused/Desperate Battle
Musterings of Long-Planned War
Pits of Mordor/Desperate Battle
Shadow of Dol Guldur/M?makil
Madness and Horror/Swarm of Bats