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The scene starts in an unnamed part of Youkai Mountain.


Ahaha, you really are an idiot. Okay, don't move.

I just wanted to test out a new invention...

...Good morning, kappa.

Gah, Lady Kochiya! Good morning!

That looks fun. What are you doing?

N-no, no, it's nothing. Please don't worry about it!

If it turns out to be useful, we'll give it as an offering! With that said, see you!

...I see.


Lady Kochiya.

Oh, Ms. Inubashiri. Good morning.

Here are this week's offerings. I hope that it is sufficient, but if you need something please inform me.

Your efforts are appreciated. I'm sure Lady Yasaka will be pleased when I bring these to her. ...So, um, thank you very mu-

In that case, please excuse me.

...She left.

The screen goes dark.

...e. ...nae...ya...


...Sanae Kochiya, can you hear my voice?

Who are you? ...And where is this?

This is inside one of your dreams. I have called you here.

My... dream?

There is a shapeless anxiety inside of you. I can sympathize. You have come to an unknown land, and are surrounded by unfamiliar people, of course you would be uneasy.

Th-that's ridiculous. If it's for Lady Yasaka's sake, I-

Your devotion to that goddess is definite. But you are also a child of man. Are you not lonely?

...Please stop...

Open your heart more. Then you wil-

No, I believe in Lady Yasaka. I'm not anxious at all...!

Lady Yasaka, Lady Moriya...!




Moriya Shrine

Music: What's the Strategy?

Sanae, are you alright?

...Lady Yasaka!

I came to check on you, and you were having an awful nightmare. Did something happen?

...No, nothing is wrong. I just had a slightly odd dream.

I see. If you're feeling strange, you can come to m-

Someone starts pounding on the door.

Lady Kochiya, Lady Kochiya!

...? It sounds like a tengu is here.

You've entered the shrine grounds without permission. This is Sanae Kochiya's bedroom.

L-lady Yasaka...! Excuse my impertinence, but I had to talk to Lady Kochiya.

You already are. Has something happened?

Yes, the tengu on noon patrol have not returned,

I guess the team left the tengu force knocked out.

Are you certain?

They have yet to deliver their report. They may just be late, but...

...I see, in that case please warn everyone. If something happens, I will issue more instructions.

Understood. I'll do that now.

Generic white wolf tengu leaves.

Could this be Reimu's group? I'll have to go make preparations.

Sanae. Don't you think a small break is in order?

Of course, I'll take one after I finish planning. Please watch me, Lady Yasaka. I, Sanae, shall see to it that all of your wishes are fulfilled.

Way to miss the point.

...I know. I appreciate your earnestness, but don't push yourself too much.

Alright. Now then, please excuse me. I need to change.

...She was just resting, but Sanae still seemed so tired. Not to mention what happened earlier. I let it go since I didn't feel any malice, but was that the right decision?