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We're being a distraction~ ...there aren't any enemies here to annoy.

Looks like it. Think it's okay to shout?

There's no need to make pointless noise. Let's continue our advance.

In that case, I think I'll eat my lunchbox now. My personal Sakuya delux-


What's the matter, lady Kurumi?

It's not here. My lunchbox isn't here! How could I lose something so important...

Eh? If it's not there... maybe somebody ate it?

Are you sure you didn't accidentally leave it behind?

Of course not! I put it in my clothes to make sure I wouldn't lose it.

How did Rumia even take it then?

What should I do Sakuya, my lunchbox is missing... where did it go...

*sigh* Even if you ask me that I can't exactly do anything about it.

If it's gone, it's gone. I'll share some food with you later, so just be patient.

*sniff* My lunchbox...

Well, let's put Kurumi's matter aside. Do you feel anything up ahead?

I think there's a river right in front of us. There's a strong scent of water.

Water, huh...

Are we likely to come across some new youkai?

There will probably be kappa. They're youkai with very skillful hands who craft all sorts of modern equipment.

Is that right? And here I thought oil and water didn't mix.

You kidding? Those kappa just can't stop talking about water.

Now that you mention it, didn't you have a kappa friend? Is she doing well?

I dunno. Maybe she's chatting with the mountain's shrine maiden about how to hijack the shrine?

Eh? But we're here to fight the mountain's shrine maiden. Doesn't that mean...

Correct, Nitori is a mountain youkai. Therefore she is one of our enemies.

...Yup, if she pops up we'll have to fight her.

So your friend is your enemy? This must be the downside of being so well-connected.

I see what's going on. In that case, let's try to not run into any kappa as we move on.

Hold your horses, don't forget we're the decoys. Besides, if we end up meeting I'll get a chance to chat with her.

You're as positive as ever.

Yeah, I gotta hear her side of the story. I want to know why she's working with Moriya Shrine.



Kappa Valley

Check out today's invention! It's the natural evolution of the super popular seven-colored glass pane. The 256 color interior lamp!

The kappa are on the forefront of disco technology.

Wooow, all those colors aren't even mixing into white.

It's such a shame the viewer can't see this ghostly beauty.


What's wrong, Kawashiro? You seem down.

Wha, no, I'm fine! It was just so pretty, my eyes got tired.

Eh? Then I'll have to do something so the people inside the room don't hurt their eyesight...

Nitori, are you bothered by what happened earlier? When you went to go chase out that humans I mean.

Oh yeah, Kawashiro's friends with a magic-using human. Come on, I want to hear more about her.

S, sure...

Greetings. Is everything in order here?

Woah, Ms. Tengu!

Thanks for your hard work. We haven't seen anything in particular, has something happened?

We've lost contact with a patrol group, so I'm looking around. It's possible that there are intruders.

Eh!? No way, invaders...


If there are any, there's a high chance it's that shrine maiden's group.

...And I'm sure you don't know anything, right Nitori?

O-of course. I haven't left the mountain for a while.

That's good then. It's fine to befriend humans, but don't forget you're a mountain youkai.


By the way, Ms Tengu! How about you help me test this 256 color interior lamp?!

There's a flash.

Guh, bright!

Wh-why would you even need such a strange lamp... well whatever, I'm going back to my patrol. Stay cautious.

Pl-please wait, Ms. Tengu~!

...Wow, Nitori. You're friends with a human, and you can talk casually with a tengu.

I just ended up getting along with both the human and Momiji.

Anyways, it'd be pretty bad if there really are intruders. If people who could beat tengu came here...


(Marisa's group is probably on their way. If they are, I'll have to chase them away...)


...What, you're done playing? Well, nothing to do with me. Do whatever you want.

Hey, Mokou, you can't greet the player like that! Listen, when the player stops you should tell him "Thanks for your hard work." It's common courtesy.

Sheesh, now she's here. Well, you heard her, see you.