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Uwah, what are you planning, capturing a kappa?!

It's nothing bad. We're just going to tie you up and have a small interrogation.

Whaaaat!? Then, are you going to drag me to a hut and make me squeal? Are you going to wrap me up like a mumm-

Shut it already!


Wow, you shoved your broom in her mouth...

Well kappa are noisy. A while back, I shut Nitori up the same way.

I'm opposed to such violence! ...Well not really, I just wanted to say that.

Let her speak, there are a few things I'd like to ask.

Wh-whaaaat? I may be a sworn friend of humanity, but if you expect me to cooperate with intru-

Let me cut to the chase. Tell us the most noticeable place around.

Why would you want to know that...? Wait, are we going to make a big distraction there?

Bingo. We'll make a splash and ride out the wave. So, where should we go? Upstream? The peak?

Hoho. No matter what you do, I won't tell you anything about the mounta-

By the way, I recall the mistress was interested in trying some fresh turtle blood.

The most noticeable place around is the Waterfall of Nine Heavens. It's the most important place in the mountain.

I actually didn't know MoF's stages had names until I translated this.

Woah, she gave in fast.

Can we get to the waterfall by heading upstream?

Yeah, these waters are basically Youkai Mountain's main road. I don't think you can get lost.

So are there any youkai along the way?

They're all over the mountain. Only Youkai Mountain though... not!

I didn't really get this line.


Agh, not the knife! Stop, stop! Okay, I'll be serious. There was a summons from Moriya shrine, so you'll have to pass by a lot of tengu.

Moriya shrine, huh. Nitori was also talking them up. Are they really that big a deal? It's just a human shrine maiden, nothing the tengu should bow down to.

No, besides her there's a god... well, I hear there's a really distinguished god too, but I've never seen her.

It's impressive that a human could live with a god. What kind of girl is she?

Who knows? I've never seen her alone.

Eh? You live on the same mountain and you've never even talked?

Oh no, the god has a rule strictly forbidding us from chatting with her. I've tried a lot of times but... she's one person on an entire mountain, and there's that god, and, well I never managed to.

The Hakurei shrine is much more convenient. Your shrine seems much too serious.

In any case, you can go now. Thank you for your assistance.

What, really? I finally managed to meet some humans, at least let me get a commemorative signature...

Just hurry and go. If you don't, we'll have to keep you as a hostage.

!? Well then, excuse me!

My, look at her go. I don't think holding hostages is a very nice tactic.

It was a joke. How'd I become the bad guy?

More importantly, has our next destination been decided?

Yes, the Waterfall of Nine Heavens. There's likely to be a difficult battle, so stay cautious as we go.

I think this bit only plays if you successfully "convinced" Nitori.


It's a shame about Nitori.

Eh? What are you talking about? I get there's circumstances. I don't mind.

...Well that's fine, but you don't have to put up a front. For what it's worth, I think Nitori really wanted to go with you.

...You think so? I guess you're right...