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...I guess the plan worked, nobody's come after us.

Indeed, taking this side path was the correct choice after all. Though it's a little gloomy...

Well of course. This place is called the Great Youkai Forest, and it's the undisputed creepiest spot on the mountain.

This is a forest?

Yup. Well, they call it that but it's really more of a swamp.

It's a famous suicide spot~. I bet there are all sorts of things around here.

R-Rumia, please don't say something that scary.

You're awfully familiar with this place. Have you been here before?

I stroll through here every now and then. Sometimes for work, sometimes just for fun.

I see, your familiarity with the area will be very helpful. Could you tell us anything about what lies ahe- actually wait, have you known about the path we've been on up to now?

Pretty much. Security's light here, so it's a nice shortcut.

...You should have told us that to begin with.

If I did you'd all have rushed through. You gotta enjoy the trip!

Well you picked this group so you'll just have to keep up. Anyway, tell us about the path ahead.

I don't really know much. It's as dark as any forest, so it's easy to get lost.

There's some kind of strange feeling in the air. I can't find any landmarks, and it's like we're just going in circles...

FMW1 went into more detail, but basically fairies are naturals at navigation. Marisa took advantage of it to get to EoSD Stage 2 before Reimu.

So even a fairy's intuition is scrambled. We'll have to be careful as we advance.

This plan is falling apart more and more. Oh whatever, let's just keep going.