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W-w-w-where are we? This looks just like where we were earlier, I think we're going in circles!

...We're completely lost. And with this heavy atmosphere and all of this darkness, I'm feeling worse and worse.

Don't worry, I made a landmark just in case something like this happened.

Heh, I wouldn't have expected you to do something so cautious. What kind of landmark?

A chunk of ice. I dropped it while we were walking.

Oh huh, you did. But by now it's probably melted...

...I guess I'm the idiot for expecting anything out of Cirno.

Yep, we're in trouble. Guess we'll have to change pla- huh?

Something wrong?


Isn't that a spirit floating over there? Why's it in a place like this?

Maybe this place is the base of some ruins or something. More importantly, should we catch it?

Hold on a second, we don't have time for that kind of thing.

Oh come on, we try to nab a ghost every year. We've always messed up, but today...

Touhou's ghosts are cold to the touch, so some of Gensokyo's residents make a habit of bottling them to handle summer's heat.


G-gyah! ...What's with this thing, it tried to attack me!

But why? I thought spirits were more docile than that.

Everyone, look around you! A lot more popped out!



What's going on? I've got a bad feeling about this...

More importantly, let's run!

They do.


Is something wrong?

I thought I heard a voice just now. Or was it a scream?

A scream, here? Are you sure you heard right?

Yup, definitely.

We should probably stay away, it'd be bad if we got caught up in some trouble.

Mokou doing her best to reduce the risk of Keine getting hurt.

Woah, woah, don't be so hasty. Aren't you even a little worried?

I certainly am. Would it be alright if we investigated for a little while?

Too bad Keine is too much of a good samaritan.

How like you. Fine, if it's just for a little bit we can go check.