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Whew, that god sure was strong.

All of you were a huge help.

Well aren't you pleased with yourselves. This entire mess started because you all picked a fight.

But it's good that we found Cirno. Dai was reaaaally worried~.

Oh, that's right! Why'd you all bring Dai he-


Gah, Dai!?

Sheesh, I was so worried! Cirno, I thought you were doing something dangerous so I... why was I the only one you didn't talk to? I, aren't I your best friend...?

Ah, you made her cry.

Yeesh, you're a bully.

N-no, it's not like that! I heard there was some really dangerous youkai so I wanted to-

You're a fairy. I think the difference in power between our enemies and you should have been obvious.

You shouldn't have come in the first place. Can you even do anything?

Gah, you don't hold back...

I can help! I'm the strongest, so I can't just let Reimu and Keine go by themselves.

So this is a fairy's friendship. How adorable.

It's good that you're all so cheerful, but don't forget we need to talk.

I guess Hina has just been standing awkwardly in the corner.

That's right, we don't have any more time to relax. Shall we move to a quieter place?

No, that won't be necessary.

Hina sucks up the misfortune like a vacuum.

The background changes appropriately.

...This should be better.

Oooh, it's clearer now.

Did you do this so we wouldn't be hurt? Thank you very mu- wait a minute! The bad luck was only around you!

Of course, I gathered it all here in the first place to remove it. It's harmless once I've absorbed it, so you don't have to worry.

Even if you say that, it's kind of hard to after seeing that...

Getting covered with that much bad luck must be really tough... do you get mad about it?

It's the duty of a misfortune god. I am a friend of humanity, so I've no bitter feelings. Now then, I believe you want to ask me some questions?

Indeed. I'd like you to tell us about a place on the mountain called the Moriya shrine.

I'm familiar with it, but... why do you want to know?

That shrine's trying to absorb my shrine. We're going over to talk about it.

That certainly sounds like them. When they first appeared, they tried to take over this mountain.

That's right, last summer their shrine maiden and the tengu had a dispute, and the entire mountain was plunged into martial law.

Yes, and everyone caught between them were very nervous about it. If the boss of the tengu and the shrine's god hadn't held a conference, it's likely a large panic would have broken out.

Well isn't that nice. At first they were arguing and now they're pals.

I'm not so sure. If anything, I feel that they were both too smart for their own good.

Too... smart?

In exchange for the youkai's faith, the god will grant blessings. Both sides pursued their separate interests. It was entirely like a business transaction.

Eeeh, that sounds tiring~.

...So in short, the relationship between the mountain and the shrine is neither deep nor trusting?

Perhaps. The god of that shrine doesn't speak with the other gods, so I can't say I know the details.

I'd be a little worried of anyone who didn't chat with their neighbors.

Kind of a strange god, don't you think?

On the other hand, I think Ms. Kochiya has been trying her best to fit in. I'm a little worried for her, she must be feeling quite lonely stuck between the shrine and the mountain.

That so? Thanks for telling us all this. Now all we need is a good way to get to Moriya shrine.

The fastest route would be to follow this river upstream. It should take you to the Waterfall of Nine Heavens. However, as one of the most important spots on the mountain you can expect that place to be heavily defended.

Then that's no good. Especially with all this extra luggage.

Hey, why're you looking over here like that? With us around, we're more than strong enough!

Cirno, we're trying to think of a serious strategy here.

I know! See, if we use these girls' powers, we can disappear and not get caught!


Ho-hold on, don't just shove us under the spotlight like that!

...Their powers?

I, uh, I can refract light to hide things...

I can erase sounds...

And I can tell if there's something moving nearby me...

I see, if that's the case it doesn't matter how many guards there are.

Hey, this'll be a huge help. I was thinking we'd have to take a detour.

Well if our destination's been decided, let's hurry up and go.

Oh whoops, guess we did kind of fall into the fairies' pace.

But before that, I wanna ask Mokou here a question.

...What, do you need something?

Are you really human?


Your buddies might not have noticed, but I can tell. You're dead, or maybe just not alive.


She looks alive to me.

You guys should just ignore this conversation. Though I bet the teacher over there knows a lot about this, huh?

Hey, I'm the one you're talking to. Don't drag Keine into this.

But you know, I don't really want to bother with a full on investigation. So I'll just watch you and make my own conclusions.

...Have it your way.