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Jiminy's Journal (The Characters and Heartless sections will only be regarding new material. The rest of the Journal doesn't need to worry about this restriction.)

World Cards and Stories

Traverse Town

Olympus Coliseum


Halloween Town



The 100 Acre Wood



Hollow Bastion

Twilight Town

Castle Oblivion

Sora's Story

New Re: Chain of Memories Character Pics and Descriptions





Riku Replica (a.k.a Repliku)

Marluxia (a.k.a The Mysterious Black Robed Guy From the Front Door)




New Re: Chain of Memories Heartless Pics and Descriptions

Tornado Step

Creeper Plant


Map Cards

Red Category

Some Notes On Some of the Red Category Cards:
  1. Black Room: This is a room with only Black Fungi enemies in it. Good for collecting either Calm Bounty cards (what you will normally get from them) or a the Black Fungus Enemy Card (what you will get if you are extremely lucky.)
  2. Bottomless Darkness and Roulette Room: New map cards added to the Re: Chain of Memories port that were not originally included in Chain of Memories. The Bottomless Darkness Room is a completely pitch black room that spawns nearly infinite shadows. The Roulette Room tends to give you a roulette reward at the end of each battle so you can choose the map card you want as a reward from a random set of map cards.
  3. White Room: This room is the exact same as the Black Room except for the White Mushroom instead.
  4. Higher level cards, like the Almighty Darkness for instance, don't appear until the higher level floors.

Green Category

Some Notes On Some of the Green Category Cards:
  1. Green cards do not start dropping until the second floor.
  2. Meeting Ground is especially helpful on the Agrabah and Neverland floors.

Blue Category

Some Notes On Some of the Blue Category Cards:
  1. Like Green Cards, Blue Cards do not start dropping until the second floor.
  2. Random Joker: This card is new to Re: Chain of Memories and was not included in the original Chain of Memories.

Key Cards

A Note On One of the Key Cards:
  1. Key To Rewards: This card doesn't start dropping until floor seven.

In-Battle Cards

Attack Cards

Magic Cards

Summon Cards

Item Cards

Friend Cards

Special Cards

Enemy Cards

Reverse/Rebirth Specific Cards

Soul Eater

The King

Sleight Stuff
First off, I need to thank Prythian for his contribution to the thread again. He made sure everything about the sleights that you see below got posted and I really appreciate that. Anyway, there are four types of sleights. Attack, Magic, Summon, and Friend. Sora learns all of his Attack Sleights by continuing in the story/picking sleight when leveling up. He'll also be able to learn some Magic Sleights the same way, but a lot of his Magic Sleights he learns through treasures. Summon and Friend Sleights are PRIMARILY just something you can do if you have the cards; there's maybe a couple of Sleights in those you have to learn first.

You use them by stocking specific combos of cards. Sometimes they only need two, sometimes they need all three.

Sora's Sleights

Attack Sleights

Sliding Dash: Same as the ability from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix; you slide across the ground towards your current target with an attack. Requires three attack cards of the same Keyblade that total between 10-15. You can learn it at level 2.

Stun Impact: Again, same s from Final Mix; an explosion centered around you that stuns enemies briefly. Requires three attack cards of the same Keyblade that total between 20-23. You can learn it at level 7.

Strike Raid: NOT the same as the original! Strike Raid is throwing the Keyblade at an enemy, which then boomerangs back to you. It does minimal damage but can stun them. Requires three attack cards of the same Keyblade that total between 24-26. You can learn it at level 12.

Blitz: A multi-hit jump attack. Press reaction commands to continue the combo. Requires 3 attack cards of different Keyblades with a total of 10-15.

Zantetsuken: Instantly break a card and make it unreloadable for the rest of the battle. I don't find it all that useful myself... Takes three attack cards totally 0 or 27 (so three 0s or three 9s).

Sonic Blade: Same as the original! Shoot across the battlefield until you hit the maximum number of attacks with reaction commands. Pretty useful in Re:CoM! Three attack cards of different types totalling 20-23.

Ars Arcanum: You've seen this before. Multi-hit combo, press Triangle to keep going after a bit. Requires 3 attack cards totaling 1-6. Because of this, it's easy to break.

Ragnarok: You've seen it before. In the GBA version, this was basically "instant kill everything in front of you". 3 attack cards totaling 7-9.

Trinity Limit: Mega Flare, but not resistable by anything. Very powerful, but difficult to pull out. Any mixture of Donald, Goofy, and an attack card that is NOT Goofy, Donald, and then an attack card. (That one triggers Wild Crush instead.)

Magic Sleights

Fira/Firaga: Same as the spells. Fira is two Fire cards, Firaga is three.

Blizzara/Blizzaga: See above. Two Blizzard cards gets you Blizzara and three cards gets you Blizzaga.

Thundara/Thundaga: See above. Two Thunder cards gets you Thundara and three cards gets you Thundaga.

Gravira/Graviga: See above. Two Gravity cards gets you Gravira and three cards gets you Graviga.

Aerora/Aeroga: Not what you are used to seeing. Aero in this game is an AoE attack that knocks enemies away from you while dealing damage. Aerora and Aeroga up the damage and knock them farther. Two or three Aero cards.

Stopra/Stopga: Freezes enemies in place. The more Stops, the longer it lasts. Two Stop cards gets you Stopra and three cards gets you Stopga.

Cura/Curaga: Same as normal. Two Cure cards gets you Cura and three cards gets Curaga.

Fire Raid: Like it implies, Strike Raid but covered in fire. Doesn't stun, but does do a lot more damage, particularly to things weak to fire! Just requires Fire plus two attack cards.

Tornado: A controllable tornado. Can do significant damage to enemies, as well as stun them! Aero + Gravity + a summon card.

Terror: Makes it so enemies no longer get near you for a while. Either two summons + Jack, or Simba + Mushu + an item card.

Gifted Miracle: Heals everyone, reloads cards, and resets reload counter. A summon card + a magic card + Jack, or Bambi + Blizzard + an item card.

Aerora/Aeroga: Bor- wait, what? This is different?! Aero in this game is an AoE attack that knocks enemies away from you while dealing damage. Aerora and Aeroga up the damage and knock them farther. Two or three Aero cards.

Firaga Burst: Oh man, now we're talking! Firaga Burst creates a large fireball above you that shots tons of fireballs all around the area. Two Fires and a Gravity. I used this one a lot!

Confuse: Gives the same effect as hitting an Heartless in the field with a confusion barrel; that is, they bumble around and don't attack much. Not all that useful, I think, but I never bothered with those types of status ailments. Requires Genie, Tinker Bell, and another summon card, so it's difficult to put together also.

Lethal Frame: ... There are no words to properly describe Lethal Frame. Freezes an enemy in place, and then Sora goes and slices the shit out of them. It is by far the best sleight in the game, and will tear any and all bosses that Sora can attack from the ground to shreds. Stop and two attack cards.

Thunder Raid: Fire/Blizzard Raid but with Thunder. Thunder + two attack cards.

Homing Blizzara: Like it says, a homing Blizzara. Aero + Blizzard + any magic card.

Mega Flare: Lethal Frame, but for random encounters! Mega Flare hits all enemies for powerful fire damage, often destroying entire encounters in one hit. Mushu and two Fires.

Shock Impact: A Simba attack that can Stop enemies. Simba + two attack cards.

Magnet Spiral: Pulls enemies close, then attacks them. Two Gravities and an attack card.

Warp: Has a chance of instantly killing enemies. No experience from this, but you can still get cards, and it (along with its cousin) are the only way to get the White Mushroom enemy card. Stop + two Aeros.

Teleport: Appear near an enemy while stunning it. I guess it could be useful. Two magic cards + Peter Pan, or Stop + Aero + an item card.

Holy: Beams of light hit an enemy and enemies near them. Was incredibly useful in the GBA, less so now. Mega Ether + Megalixer + any item card.

Reflect Raid: Strike Raid, but on impact the Keyblade splits apart and does a scattershot around. Cloud and two attack cards.

Synchro: Sets the HP of nearby enemies to match the HP of the targeted enemy. Cure + Gravity + Aero.

Bind: Freezes enemies in place, but they can still attack. Longer lasting but less useful Stop. Gravity + Stop + any magic card.

Aqua Splash: An aimable cone of ice damage. Blizzard + Fire + Aero.

Warpinator: Single-target Warp with a higher chance of success. Gravity + Stop + Aero.

Freeze: Freezes enemies in place. Attacking frozen enemies does significant damage. Two Blizzards + Stop.

Judgment: You saw this plenty in the videos. Strike Raid, but it goes and attacks the same enemy multiple times. Aero + two attack cards.

Raging Storm: Sora gets surrounded by pillars of fire, and you can move him around. Aero + two Fires.

Summon Sleights

Proud Roar Lvl 2/Lvl 3: Like the original, this stuns and damages enemies in front of Simba. Whenever you see this Lv2/Lv3 stuff, that means it's the same effect as the normal card much like magic, but increased because you've stocked two or three of the same card.

Cross Slash: Cloud does a three hit combo with his sword. Two Clouds.

Omnislash: Cloud flies around the arena, hitting enemies with his sword. Uses reaction commands. It's powerful, and can hit almost anyone, but it's uncontrollable who it targets, and it takes much longer than it did in the GBA version, making it easier to break. Three Clouds.

Splash Lv2/Lv3: It's Dumbo. He sprays water. You can aim the spray. Woooo. Two or three Dumbo cards.

Idyll Romp: Bambi runs around and confuses enemies. See above for my thoughts on confusion. Bambi and two attack cards.

Paradise Lv2/Lv3: Bambi dropping health orbs. That is, Bambi's normal thing. Two or three Bambis.

Showtime Lv2/Lv3: Genie casts two spells randomly chosen between Gravity, Thunder, and Stop. Level of spell depends on how many Genies; two is -ra, three is -ga. Standard.

Cross Slash+: Cloud teleports to an enemy and uses Cross Slash on them. Useful. Cloud, Stop, and an attack card.

Twinkle Lv2/Lv3: More healing! Tinker Bell is still great at healing large amounts of HP, but since cards can be broken, I prefer Cures. Two or three Tinker Bells.

Flare Breath Lv2/Lv3: Aimable cone of fire. Size and damage increase on number of cards. Two or three Mushus.

Friend Sleights

Magic Lvl 2/Lvl 3: Donald's friend sleight! Still not all that useful, but level 2 and 3 spells are more likely to be useful than level 1.

Goofy Tornado Lvl 2/Lvl 3: Wonderful, wonderful sleight. Goofy's level 3 Tornado spins around you for a long time, destroying everything near you. Just walk around and eradicate the enemies! Note that in the original game, two Goofy cards was instead Goofy Charge, where he charged forward with his shield.

Goofy Smash: Goofy hits an enemy into the air, Sora juggles it higher, and then Goofy and Sora can attack together with the triangle button to slam it down to the ground! Does massive amounts of damage to a single target for how easy it is to do. Requires one Goofy card and then one Attack card.

Wild Crush: Donald and Sora pick up Goofy and run around the battlefield, ramming him into enemies. Does large amounts of damage, but is fairly uncontrollable. Requires Goofy then Donald then an Attack card.

Lucky Bounty Lvl 2/Lvl 3: Pluto! Pluto's effect of summoning health and cards but moreso.

Surprise Lv2/Lv3: Like Donald, Jack casts two magic spells, but he'll cast the same one twice, and they're all attack spells (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, or Gravity). So I'm sure you can guess what Lv2 and Lv3 do. Requires two to three Jack cards.

Sandstorm Lv2/Lv3: Aladdin doing what Aladdin does; hitting enemies, stunning them, and dropping Moogle Points. Handy for grinding points. Two or three Aladdins to make it last longer.

Spiral Wave Lv2/Lv3: Basically Sonic Blade for Ariel. Last longers/more powerful with more cards. Two or three Ariels.

Hummingbird Lv2/Lv3: Another one of those friend cards that can create Moogle Points. Peter Pan hits enemies really quickly but without much power. Two or three Peter Pans.

Stardust Blitz: Press triangle at the right times to send Donald's fireballs at enemies! You can do this up to three times. Just Donald + Fire.

Ferocious Lunge Lv2/Lv3: This is the GBA version of Beast's Sleight. He lunges forward and does large damage in a straight line. I'm including it mainly because it was on the list I was given. Two or three Beasts.

Furious Volley Lv2/Lv3: Re:CoM version of Beast's Sleight. You and Beast play volleyball with enemies. Two or three Beasts.

Riku's Sleights

First of all, Riku's sleights are all available to him at once. They work a bit differently from Sora's though. Firstly, Riku can only use attack sleights while in Dark Mode, which you do by breaking enemy cards. That is, except for Duels, which you trigger by using the same number card as currently out and then breaking a bunch of cards. There are two things that determine with sleight you use after winning a duel; how many cards you have, and whether or not you are in Dark Mode.


Dark Break: Jump into the air and bounce on top of enemies. Use Triangle to continue the combo. Three attack cards totaling 5-15.

Dark Firaga: Basically a really powerful Firaga, only dark damage instead of fire. Three attack cards totaling 16-25.

Dark Aura: Everyone who's played KH1 knows this attack. Riku teleports all over the place, rushing enemies with the Soul Eater, and then finishes the combo with a large explosion. Murders EVERYTHING. Three attack cards totaling 27.


MM Miracle Lv2/Lv3: Mickey heals you, damages and stuns enemies, and reloads your cards. Two or three Mickeys.

Holy Burst: Riku and Mickey spin around the arena, shooting blasts of light at enemies. You can guide where they go like normal. Mickey and two attack cards.

Inverse Burst: The same thing as Holy Burst, but in Dark Mode. Now Riku shoots darkness as well, making it vastly more damaging. Mickey and two attack cards.


Impulse: Knock enemies into the air before slamming them into the ground. Win a three-card duel.

Dark Impulse: Same as Impulse, but more powerful. Win a three-card duel in Dark Mode.

Maelstrom: A spinning attack on a single enemy, fairly powerful. Win a five-card duel.

Dark Maelstrom: Same as Maelstrom, but MUCH more powerful. Win a five-card duel in Dark Mode. This is your bread and butter for destroying most later bosses.

Barrage: Throw Soul Eater at an enemy. Win a seven-card duel.

Dark Barrage: Throw MANY Soul Eaters an enemy. Easily the most damaging attack in the entire game. Win a seven-card duel in Dark Mode.