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Wait up, everyone!

You're so slow, Luna.

These stairs are too long. I'm already exhausted.

Easy, you're almost there. You can see the gate up ahead, right? Past that is the White Jade Belvedere. The Saigyo Ayakashi is in its garden.

There really are cherry blossoms blooming here. There weren't any on the land below.

All this spring energy is making me sleepy all of a sudden.

You can't sleep here, Letty!

But something's strange about this. It doesn't feel like a normal springtime.

I hear everything in the Netherworld is dead. Could that explain it?

No, it's more than that. There's some other presence mixed in with the spring.

That must be the Saigyo Ayakashi.

So this is what's lured countless humans to their eternal rest... What an ominous aura, befitting its bloody legend.

I had a hard time believing it at first. But now, it's starting to sink in for me.

If it's that dangerous, why didn't they just chop it down? We wouldn't be in this mess if they had.

I'm sure the youkai sage and others would have done that if they could. But I hear even Yukari Yakumo has a hard time doing anything to it.

Whoa, even her?

Yes. This is all hearsay for me, though. I couldn't give you any specifics.

The more I learn, the further away autumn feels.

What could they possibly be planning to accomplish by reviving that tree?

You've been to the Netherworld before, right Komachi? Do you have any ideas?

A few. I just never thought she of all people would start an incident.

Who's "she"?

Yuyuko Saigyoji. The ghost lady in charge of the Netherword. I've only met her a few times though.

I've heard the name Saigyoji before. Something about a great figure who's lived in the Netherworld for a thousand years.

If she's in charge of the Netherworld, then there's a good chance she's behind all this.

So Youmu must have been fighting us under her orders.

That's just the sort of person Youmu is. Totally honest and straightforward.

How so?

To put it kindly, she's a serious person. To put it bluntly, she lives her life wearing horse blinders, or something like that. The next time we meet, I'm sure she'll come at us with everything she's got.

Do we really have to fight Youmu? Isn't she our friend?

If they're not going to stop, then we can't sit back and let them win.

Well, she's the one who stole spring, and we're here to get it back. There's only one thing to do: face her head on and beat her up!

If we're rushing into this, I'll race you there!


You stopped playing? Good work.

Am I taking a break too? Hah, you say some pretty nice things. But you know, we might have had a small role this time, but that just means we have to give it our all in the appeal!

So you can expect even greater things from us... or something like that. See you!