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Ow... Forgive me, Lady Yuyuko. I was unable to complete my duty...

Youmu, are you okay?!

That's what she gets for pushing herself so hard. We can talk while we treat her wounds.

Yes, luckily I have a first aid kit here.

Just let Dai do it.

Guh, I don't need your pity.

Just settle down already. It's not like we beat you up for no reason.

So do you really have no idea what that dead cherry tree, the Saigyo Ayakashi, actually is?

What do you mean?

It seems you've been trying to make it bloom without a second thought, but that's no ordinary tree. It's a sealed youkai cherry tree.

It's a youkai...?

Looks like she really doesn't know, Keine.

Yes, she's been an unknowing accomplice to this incident.

The Saigyo Ayakashi is an abominable youkai cherry tree. Those who view it are led to their deaths. If it reaches full bloom, the seal will be broken and its deadly power released.

How could that be?! Lady Yuyuko never mentioned anything like that!

Could be that she doesn't know, herself. Either way though, if the tree is revived, then even she could be in danger.


In short, the spring you were so desperate to gather is only endangering your master.

We know you were only doing your best, but it seems like it backfired.

How could this happen? What I have been doing?

You were doing what you thought was best. Don't be disheartened.


There, I'm just about done patching her up.

There's more I want to ask, but let's leave it at this for now.

Yes, I'm sure Youmu is still in shock from what we told her.


Wait. Please allow me to help you.


You want to help? But we might get in a fight with your mistress.

I'm aware of that possibility. However, I cannot remain here. Even as we speak, danger approaches Lady Yuyuko. This is no time to shy away from the results of my own actions!

...Well, you heard her. Can we trust her?

After such a long fight, I see no reason to doubt her.

Okay, let me ask you this. Why did you and your mistress start this incident?

It started as a whim. She felt like making the tree in our garden finally bloom.

A whim? You messed with the flow of the season on a whim?!

Well, that's what it seemed like to me. Even I can't understand what Lady Yuyuko is thinking most of the time. I've seen her gazing at the tree at times, and I'm never sure why.

So, what is she trying to use the Saigyo Ayakashi's power for?

I don't know. But she certainly wouldn't abuse its power of death. After all, she already has the power to manipulate death. And I don't believe she's ever misused it.

What?! She can invite people to their deaths too?

That's so scary! She doesn't even need the Saigyo Ayakashi!

But that just makes her motivations all the more mysterious.

We'll just have to ask her in person then.

A death invoking tree, and a death invoking corpse lady. What better way to wrap this up?

We'll finally be meeting the real mastermind face to face.

We've been doing this all day. The mistress must be getting impatient.

All of PCB did in fact take place in a day.

I just want to finish up here and relax with a hot cup of tea.

Everyone sounds pretty relaxed for a life-or-death situation...

Are you nervous, Sanae? You seem like you've lost your composure.

Don't worry, we'll make sure you get home to Youkai Mountain safely.

Y-yes! Thank you very much, Miss Shameimaru, Miss Inubashiri.

Okay, is everyone ready?

To welcome in the proper season,

To save the humans from their suffering,

And for all life in Gensokyo waiting for spring!

We're definitely stopping them! The ruler of the Netherword, Yuyuko Saigyoji,

And the revival of the youkai cherry tree, the Saigyo Ayakashi!