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Hello everyone! So as you probably all know, the adult temples are a bit (read: significantly) more complex than the child ones, so I'm actually off-screening a lot of prep stuff. Primarily to see if it's even doable, but also because let's be honest, no one wants to see us failing at jumps for 30 minutes because the game refuses to turn on regular gravity (and spoiler: There's a lot of jumps in the adult section, as I found out)

First things first though, we need the hookshot to get anywhere. I'm please to say that it went much smoother than expected, since there's only one ledge you actually have to climb and it's a short climb so we're not subject to waiting for gravity to unfuck itself.

I uh...can't quite say the same for the windmill afterward. I thought I might be able to just grab the ledge with the piece of heart directly from there, but no dice.

Anyway, on to the Fire Temple! I took a few shots as I went because they cracked me up. The fun part is that all of these things are still totally interactable.

Start of my second run for the Hammer (the first one ending when the Fire Dancer got pulled out of bounds somehow). As it turns out, somehow the passage and room preceding the fire dancer spawned in upside down. Most of the hitboxes were still there, so it was mostly just getting hit with a flamethrower out of nowhere because I wandered too close to the invisible statues.

Same thing with this guy. Nice thing about it was that I didn't have to bother actually saving him because the gate wasn't spawned correctly, so I just waltzed in and grabbed the key out of a chest that was facing down and into the ground somehow.

Also, this happened. As it turns out, Link isn't the only thing that can be turned sideways, and this actually had a pretty serious effect on this fight, because he still spins around a vertical axis. However, instead of it being right down the center of his body, it was at his feet, so he actually covered like three times as much area when he did that. Couldn't kill this one either, but this time I remembered to savestate outside the room, and not during the fight.