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EDIT: As a heads up, a lot of the stuff I say in this LP regarding mechanics or skills eventually ended up being outright wrong. Consult akurasu for the real information.

Ugh, there's grass everywhere we go.

Waah. It's so hot, if I was Remilia, I'd have evaporated by now...

Were you expecting summer to be cold? Keep up the pace. I've got some more flowers I want to see, way over there.

What do you care about more? Us, or the flowers?

That's an easy answe-

Never mind, forget I asked!

I see your group is as lively as ever.

Oh, it's...!

You have a whole new set of expressions when you're dealing with flowers.

Why, Mima! How nice to see you.

You always come and go so fast. Marisa was griping about that. "Just when we met again, bam, she was gone."

If anything is your true specialty, it's probably vanishing without a word.

I just don't like staying in one place for long.

So, is Reimu's group holding up okay?

Yeah. The shrine's been bustling lately. Something about training to prepare for incidents.

Wow. Reimu, doing training...

You don't know the half of it. Word has it, the youkai sage is overseeing her training personally. Does that make you more curious about Marisa?

...I'm not in any rush. I'll go see her skill in person when the time is right.

There she goes, turning her nose up again...

Well, you probably won't have to go too far out of your way to see everyone in their element. They always come out in full force when an incident comes up.

Hehe, I've got another form of entertainment in these incidents now. I'm betting that that one will lend a hand to the humans again.

Come on. "That one"?

I told you before that I found someone interesting. Maybe this time, I'll step in to make them sweat a bit.

Whoa, you mean...?!

Elly? Kurumi? Get me my umbrella.

I can't wait to see how the girls' next rampage goes. The bigger the incident, the flashier the fights.