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Final checks, all green!

Miss Kawashiro, all preparations are complete.

Great. All that's left is to wait for the flight test. How's the Buddhist reactor holding up, Patchouli?

It's running stably. We should be able to activate it anytime.

It should have enough output to maintain floating indefinitely.

Someone walks over.

Nice work, everyone.

Looks like we're all set.

Ah, Shou and Nazrin. I was just about to go find you.

Check out the Palanquin Ship's awesome frame!


Nicely done. You really fixed it up. I'd take my hat off to you if I had one.

The impact when we ascended to the surface was pretty bad. It roughed up the ship inside and out. When it made that emergency landing on Youkai Mountain, I was afraid it might never fly again.

We didn't throw every kappa we had at this ship for months on end for nothing. The drive was an especially nasty challenge, but luckily, Patchouli chipped in with that.

It was worth it, for the opportunity to see a ship that runs on Buddhist power.

I don't know how I could even begin to repay you all...

Don't worry about us. Anything that gets Lady Patchouli out of the house for an extended period of time is its own reward.

Yeah, I should be thanking you. I got to tinker with a flying ship!

Yeah, we got to go nuts with... Oopsie, don't mind me.

Wait a minute, what did you do?

Sorry, mousie. Can't tell outsiders that, NDA.

I'm pretty sure I'm the literal opposite of an outside-

Easy, there. You can see for yourself at the ceremony, when the Palanquin Ship flies.

We'll gather the whole mountain for a big takeoff ceremony!

Sanae should be bringing Reimu's group any time now.

It's been a while since we've celebrated anything. You must be looking forward to this one, Master.

I'm betting nobody's gonna wanna miss this.


What was...?

Something wrong, Nazrin?

Nah, nothing. Shouldn't you be talking with the visitors?

That's a good idea, but I'll remain here a little longer. This day will mark a major milestone for our group.