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It was the youkai of the mountain whose efforts allowed this ship to fly through the air again... In addition to the divine virtues I bestowed. Know that Kanako Yasaka made this possible.

Cue cheering.

Some people are off to the side snarking, too.

Yeesh. She sure loves stealing credit for everything.

Oh, it's fine. It's livening the place up, at least.

I never would've imagined a year ago that you'd open these grounds up.

No kidding. It means I have more work guiding people here now, too.

Watch it, or Kanako will yell at you. "How dare you speak ill of a divine decree!"

I could see it.

Tengu will always be low on the totem pole.

Let us thank Lady Yasaka for her wonderful speech. And now, let's hear a word from the captain of the ship.

Hello. I've worked with many of you, but I'll introduce myself again here. I'm Minamitsu Murasa, captain of the Palanquin Ship.

You call yourself a captain, but didn't you sink a kappa ship?

Well, I'm a ship phantom, so that's just my way of saying hello.

Hmph. Even up on stage, she acts like this.

It's all right. She's very lively and cheerful. It's perking me up just listening.

I was expecting something much more gloomy from a ship phantom. Now that I see her up close, she seems very easy to get along with.



He says that's also thanks to Hijiri's teachings. Sorry, Unzan's size must have startled you there.


Er, it's all right. He's just so quiet, it's kind of stifling...

Aren't you going to go up on stage and introduce yourself too, Ichirin?

Not my style, really. I leave that to the Miss.

The Miss? Are you referring to Byakuren Hijiri, the sealed monk?

Yes, that's what I call her.

I understand that the Palanquin Ship's crew all originally gathered together to follow her?

Yes, that was very long ago. The Miss and Shou led an effort to build a temple. But it fell into awful disrepair while we were sealed...

And that's all the more reason you're banding together to save her, right?

What's this, Ichirin? Talking about Hijiri?

Yes, now please don't talk to us from up on stage.

No, I will! This is a good opportunity to bring it up. It was over a thousand years ago that Hijiri and I first met...


Some footsteps.

I think I've heard this before.

Ah, Reimu. Marisa. Long time no see.

Heya, Akyu. You made it up the mountain?

I asked Keine to bring me. But wow, you all got here quickly.

Sorry, Keine. I wish I could've escorted you...

Don't mind me. It worked out for the best, since I needed to bring Akyu anyway. I didn't hear anything about plans for Suika to come, though.

I was at the shrine anyway, so I got an invite. A ship flying in the air? I wouldn't wanna miss that party.

Yes, of course. Still, I wish Yukari could have joined us...

Yukari? Was the youkai sage with you, too?

Pretty much. She skipped out, though. Something about mountain climbing being too tiring.

She's probably around somewhere, eavesdropping again.

So, when do we get to see the maiden flight?

Actually, this should be a good time. Emcee, could you wrap it up?

Sure thing! Let's give Murasa a big round of applause!

Wait a minute, I'm not done yet!

The ship's ready to go. Should the captain really be dragging her feet?

Mm... Good point. The Palanquin Ship is the real star today. Let's move along, then!

The best seats will be right in front of the kagura hall.

I'm starting to get excited...!

Step it up, everyone! Dibs on a front row seat!


Oh, so you've stopped the game. Good work.

You've played well, so why not take a short break?

Yeesh. Kanako, what's with that tone?

And just what is that supposed to mean? This is how I normally speak. But if you're telling me that you've forgotte-

Well, FMW I was supposed to be a chance to change our image, right? You can't just stay like that. I mean, I get where you're coming from since nobody's said anything but...

Gah, you're telling me this now?!