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Whew, nothing beats sake on a mountaintop!

I was in such high spirits, I ended up stuffing myself with food before I could stop myself.

If you're all just lying around, would you mind gathering some of the dishes?

Everyone eats and drinks so much...

The autumn gods are such hard workers.

Unlike the Moriya gods, with all their drinking.

Keep it down. They're our sponsors.

I notice you didn't drink a drop of sake, sis.

I'm bad with alcohol.

Hello, Reimu. I brought you some tea.

Thanks, Akyu. You can leave it there.


Something wrong? You look dour.

Nah, not really. I'm just feeling kind of dull.

If you mean in combat, I haven't noticed anything different...

Really? Because I felt like I just wasn't all there.

Yukari portals in.

It's because your power is rising faster than your weapons can keep up, Reimu.

Oh, hey Yukari. You finally climbed the mountain.

Yukari Yakumo! You were watching the danmaku battle, weren't you?

Of course. I was curious to see if that ship could move. They did quite a bit of repair work on that buried antique.

Do you disapprove of the ones who came from the Underworld?

Hardly. It's nothing against the girls themselves, and I see no reason to raise a fuss now. But you did delve into the Underworld without permission.

Skip the lectures. You've already given plenty to the group that went there in the first place. So what were you saying about my weapons?

Oh, yes. They look very old indeed. You'll never demonstrate your full power, using those things.

Now that you mention it, your equipment gives off kind of a weak vibe.

Just like the Hakurei shrine's tea.

Don't complain when you're mooching off of me.

At any rate, I'm just glad we caught this now, instead of in the middle of an incident. I could pick out some better ones for you, if you ask me extra nicely.

...Sure, but there better not be any strings attached.

Reimu's surrounded by Yukari's group again.

It's an interesting scene, seeing such great youkai and a shrine maiden sitting together.

Weren't you helping to serve the banquet, Sakuya?

It's calmed down enough that I left the rest to the others. Are you jealous that Reimu's the only one getting new gear, Marisa?

Heh, heh, heh. I was going to save the bragging for later, but... I'm actually getting Kourin to power up my Hakkero.

You are?

I've been using it for a long time now, and my power's been on the rise, too. So I'm putting it in for some maintenance for the battles to come.

I see. I have been noticing some rust on it, lately. Perhaps this will help you show off for your rumored teacher.

Speaking of Mima, we saw her during the winter incident, but...

Yeah, she's been missing ever since. But there's no way she'd let the Underworld people beat her. I'm sure she's still watching me from somewhere, even now.

Murasa's crew walks in.

Phew, we're finally done with all the checks!

Now we can join the festivities... or not? It seems like it's died down.

Did no one here have enough manners to wait for the guests of honor?

Sorry, we only meant to have one little drink, but you know how it goes.

So, how was your first voyage in a millennium?

In a word? Incredible. I can't believe I got to see the Palanquin Ship fly again.

If it makes you that happy, then all our hard work was worthwhile.

It would have been nice if you'd asked our permission before installing dangerous weaponry, though.

Oh, uh, that wasn't me. That was the other kappa.

It's okay. If we expect more danmaku battles, it'll be handy to have around. We can blow any pests bothering Hijiri outta the water.

Unfortunately, it's still not what it used to be. It doesn't get the output I want, and there's no autopilot.


It's something that lets a ship move without anyone at the helm. If we had that, Murasa and I would be able to act apart from the ship.

It's probably because the Flying Silo isn't complete. We lost some chunks here and there when we were fleeing the Underworld.

Oh yeah, I remember stuff flying everywhere when you hit the rock walls.

Couldn't you track those bits down with that dowsing you're so good at, Nazrin?

If only. I've tried, but so far, no dice. The Flying Silo is a flying treasure. Even bits and pieces underground could be anywhere by now.

But Hijiri deserves better from us. We must do something to find them.

Oh, yes. I remember you mentioning that the Flying Silo was a key to resurrecting her.

Yes. Now all we need is to track down the Pagoda, the other Buddhist implement. We must find it, even if it means wandering throughout all of Gensokyo.

Relax, don't be in such a hurry. Gensokyo's a small world. It'll turn up eventually.

Why don't we take a flight around Gensokyo for a change of pace? I haven't flown enough yet, and I'm sure the kappa would love more data.

I second that motion! Since we're out of food anyway, let's get to it!

Sure, we can give a ride to anyone who wants one!

Not a bad idea. I want to see it flying up close.

Are you sure, Lady Patchouli? You haven't eaten yet.

Sakuya can pack me a meal. Actually, this should make for a more enjoyable meal.

Always so demanding of your staff.

Some more interested people walk over.

Ooh, an aerial stroll. How can I say no?

I would like to join you, if it's not a problem.

I'm in, of course. I want to write some about the interior.

Aww, is everyone leaving so soon?

Or are you having an afterparty behind our backs? We won't let you have one without us!

If I'd known this would happen, I would've invited Rumia and the others.

Yeah, we didn't get to play together today.

Um, in that case, I'll be-

Don't mind us, Sanae. Go on, now.

Lady Kanako? You two won't be coming?

We do kinda have to mind our house. Go have some fun with Reimu and the girls.

I figured you'd be out on the prow posing dramatically.

Even gods know what discretion is. I trust you'll be joining them as usual, Aya? Momiji?

That was the plan. It wouldn't be safe to leave them to travel alone at night.

And I don't wanna miss my chance to write about the interior.

Okay, then. Get ready, and we'll-

Hey, wait!


Um, er... May I join you?

Who're you? You look like a crow tengu.

Oh, it's Hatate! Fancy meeting you here.


This is Hatate Himekaido, a crow tengu and friend of Aya's. We met after the spring incident.

Nice to see you, Sanae. You too, Aya and Momiji.

Did you come to the takeoff ceremony? I didn't see you there. Were you hiding or something?

Uh, sort of? It's not exactly easy to just dive in head first...

You're free to tag along if you want. Are you a reporter like Aya?

I'm not exactly like her, but we are both reporters, yes. It's not every day I see you come out to get a story, Hatate.

You did scold me about that before. I figured I'd try to make an effort...

Yeah so Double Spoiler happened off screen.

Perhaps you could continue this conversation below deck. The others are already preparing to depart.

Hey, put a move on before we leave you behind!

It looks like the captain's eager to set out immediately.

No kidding. They're so impatient.

Well, come home before it gets too late. You know how Kanako worries.

Yes, ma'am.

Meanwhile, shall we share some drinks with our rare guests?

This is your first time joining us, isn't it, Yukari?

Yes. I would be glad to further our friendship.

...This time, Reimu's group is departing with the flying ship. I look forward to seeing what awaits them on their new journey.