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Welcome to the Palanquin Ship!

Woah, what an awesome view!

...What a weird feeling. My feet are touching the ground, yet I'm floating through the sky.

Well, you and the others regularly fly under your own power. For people like me, who've never been this high up before, it's quite moving.

It's no different for us either. Looking down on the sea of clouds is just amazing.

It's almost like we're swimming through the night sky.

Sorry about this. Everyone's just treating this like a field trip and doing whatever they like...

We don't mind. Shou and Nazrin are part of your group too, now.

From the outside it looked like a boring old ship, but the inside is pretty modern. You've got all these screens and consoles, like what I've seen on TV.

Oh, the kappa added all that to their own tastes. They just like to imitate technology from outside. All the ship's steering and other controls are done from right here.

Woah, pretty impressive. That you actually got Nitori and Patchouli to help out, I mean.

Personally, I feel like it needs more colors though. How about I come over next time and help spruce the place up? Make it cuter.

Um... maybe? I'd like to keep it mostly Japanese-style.

Speaking of Japanese-style, you've got a pretty nice seating cushion over there, behind the steering wheel.

Ah, you can't sit there. That's Hijiri's seat.

You mean that Byakuren you were telling us about?

Someday, we'll rescue her, and have her take her rightful place there again. You could say the Palanquin Ship exists just to carry her.

Oh? That gets me fired up.

Anyway, if it's not a problem, we're gonna go wander the ship. If Nitori was involved, I bet there's a bunch more interesting stuff all over the place.

I definitely want to see the hangars!

Hey, you two! You aren't children anymore. Don't mess around too much.

I already said this, but we don't mind letting you take a look around. We can't leave the bridge, so if you have any questions you can ask Shou or Nazrin.

Roger that. Come on, Alice.

Reimu, let's go too!

You're oddly energetic.

Um, can I stay here and ask a few more questions? I'm quite interested in this Palanquin Ship.

Sure, why not? Wanna touch the controls?


Palanquin Ship - Hall

Music: Secret Mission!

Wow, it's so spacious in here!

So they have a room like this right below the bridge?

This is supposed to be the hall of a temple, so normally you'd be sleeping through a sermon here. But we're not using it for that right now, so it's just a free room for whatever we need.

It looks big enough to move around in without a problem. Maybe you could exercise? That interior lounge though... it seems to have a different design from the rest of the ship.

This is the only place we changed the style of. We turned it into a Western style room. Remi and I aren't exactly fond of sitting on the floor, after all.

Western chairs in a Buddhist temple? Isn't that kind of a mismatch?

We owe a lot to Patchouli and the others, so we didn't mind sacrificing this room to her.

All of this antique furniture was carried from the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

At any rate, it was pretty bold of you to build a temple on top of a boat at all. I'm fairly certain it wasn't there when you first made that emergency landing on Youkai Mountain though...

Don't worry, you remember right. Shou insisted we add it. Apparently ever since she became a Buddhist, she can't calm down without a temple.

Well, before all this repair work, both the Palanquin Ship and the temple we were staying at were total wrecks. So we arranged for at least the bare minimum living facilities so we can just stay here.

You've even got a cypress bath on the floor below us. This place is wonderful.

...Uh huh, I see... The more I hear, the more I think I can get an article out of this. If I could just get an interview with a few more details about your living conditions here...


Hatate takes a photo.

Good, that picture turned out well.

...Huh? What was that sound just now? Did it come from that little box you've got there?

It's a cellphone camera. The pictures I'm taking with this are going into my article.

I don't believe we've met. I've heard you're a newspaper reporter, like Aya? Did you really snuck into the ship for a surprise interview?

Hm, well, I wouldn't put it like that...

We have to be on the scene to take pictures the moment a danmaku battle breaks out. Film the pandemonium and swoop in right after for an on-the-scene interview.

I suppose an article needs that sense of realism. It sounds like an awful lot of trouble though.

No no no, that's not how I do it at all. I'm a thoughtography journalist.

What does that mean?

It means I can take on-the-scene pictures without actually being there. So when you're all out there fighting, I can use thoughtography to watch you from the comfort of my room.

...So basically you're a shut-in. I suppose it's no wonder that I've never seen you before.

I never thought the day would come when I'd hear Patchouli of all people say something like that.

But since you've come all this way, wouldn't it be a waste not to get closer to the subjects of your photos? Anyway, it's not like you can write an article with just pictures.

I-I know that! I'm still trying to get used to it. And you're one to talk! Isn't your paper the one with great photos attached to terrible articles?

Oh really? If you're that confident, then how about you show us some of your own articles?

...I get the feeling that those two have some sort of burning rivalry.

Looks like it's going to be noisy in here.


Palanquin Ship - Dining Room

And we're here. This is the dining hall.

Ooh, it's so subdued.

This atmosphere is the best. It's so relaxing.

It's like the perfect place to slack off.

Doesn't this room feel more like a restaurant than a temple? I didn't expect much, but the kitchen facilities seem to be acceptable.

It's not all-electric, but it should have the necessities.

Just looking at this makes me hungry... Make something, Sakuya.

Didn't we just have a banquet? Plus, we shouldn't be rummaging through other people's refrigerators.

You mean you're not gonna do other people's housework? What kind of maid are you?

A door opens.

Yo! So this is where you all were?

Oh, Marisa. We're all taking a tour of the ship.

Right. We heard a commotion in here, so we decided to take a peek.

What a nice dining hall. Don't tell me you were planning to make dinner here?

So many mannerless brutes, one after another.

Don't say that... feel free to use the kitchen however you like. Filling everyone's stomachs is necessary for the prosperity of a temple...

Are you hungry too, Shou?

...Ugh, you caught me. As soon as I realized the ship was flying, I just suddenly felt so relaxed.

After hearing all that, aren't you the rude one here, for letting your skills go to waste?

...Good grief. As always, the only thing you're good at is running your mouth.

Depending on what you have, I might be able to make something too... Oh, you you have a lot more seasonings than I expected.

Murasa asked for those. She never got a chance to eat anything good in the Underworld, so she's overcompensating.

And it looks like you have utensils for both Eastern and Western cooking.

Time to show us your skills, Sakuya. Chinese cuisine is all about firepower!

Please don't make anything too heavy. Just a light snack or something would be great.


Palanquin Ship - Bridge

Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

...I see, so you search for enemies on this screen, and you can see the status of the ship over there. That button sounds the alarm, and this switch controls the internal broadcasting.

...Amazing. You really can remember anything in one go.

That's my one redeeming feature. Please continue the explanation.

Murasa, there aren't any problems with our route, right?

Nope. We'll soon be exiting the forest and then bearing towards the Human Village. You can see the bamboo thicket to our right, at four o' clock... maybe.

That's what's written in the tengu map data anyway. Watch out for the forest miasma.

So... it looks like you've been getting help from the Youkai Mountain.

For now, we're in their debt, so we're in the middle of talks. They've both done maintenance on the Palanquin Ship and to make my anchor useable.

The door opens.

Hey, we're back.

We only went around the ship once, but I'm exhausted...

Welcome back. Where's everyone else?

They wanted to keep looking around. Some people are having a late night snack, too.

I think they'll be back in a bit, but... Oh, Akyu, you're in the operator's seat?

Yes, they were just teaching me how to work this.

Well, it's more like I just explained it once. You pick things up way too fast! Next thing you know, I'll be out of a job.

This was meant to be a field trip, but I guess you got some workplace experience.

So, where are we heading anyway?

The Human Village. It's already late, so we should start heading back soon.

Thanks for taking us home, and sorry for the trouble.