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It's so dark now!

The moon's so pretty tonight. Maybe that's why we played so much.


Come on, Chen. You're a youkai but you're already sleepy?

But this is my usual bedtime. My cat minions must be waiting for me too...

Have we ever actually seen these cat minions of yours?

Remember, when we went to Mayohiga the other day? There were more cats than we knew what to do with.

Oh yeah, aren't you supposed to be bad with nights too, Sunny? You seem awfully sharp today.

I thought this might happen, so I brought a charm to help me with the night. With this, I won't get sleepy and run into a tree or somethin-

As the game is not so subtly hinting, Sunny has another Firefly Gem.


Some nearby bushes rustle.

I don't see anything suspicious. I'm sure the light fell in this direction, but...

Who's she? I've never seen that youkai before.

A youkai rabbit... but I've never seen one like that before?

Well, it's obvious what we should do then: use our powers and play a prank on her.

Uh, what were your powers again?

You have a bad memory, huh? I make us invisible, and Luna gets rid of the sound.

Pretty convenient when we need to catch a rabbit.


The group creeps closer.

! Who's there?!

No way, she found us?!

Isn't this how it always is for us?


Oh, you stopped playing. Have a nice rest.

...That reminds me, you shouldn't keep taking breaks at fixed intervals while you're playing a game. Take a single, long break, then play again.