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Youmu, Yuyuko, over here please.

Wow, so this is what it's like inside?

This is the first time you've been on such a large ship, isn't it Yuyuko?

The gentle swaying feels nice~.

Try not to get seasick though.

...C'mon, can you get over here?

Hey, stop it! I'm against animal abuse!

Wait, isn't the audience smaller now? Wasn't there a red and white shrine maiden...?

She hasn't had breakfast yet, so she went to the dining room.

I bet she lost interest the moment she finished the extermination.

How mean...

So, your name was Mystia, right? How about you tell us what you know about the incident?

It doesn't matter how many times you ask, I still don't know anything!

So have you noticed anything unusual then? Like, have you seen anyone suspicious lately?

How would I know? I don't even remember how much I sold yesterday... Oh no!

Wh-What's wrong?

My food cart! I just left it there!

I-Is this going to be okay?! All your tools of the trade are in there...

...Well, no one really comes by, so I don't think anyone's gonna steal it.

I suppose you're adaptable, at least.

...How disappointing. So we still have no clues then? If only we had just a little more information about this long night...

Oh? The moon is far more important. The long night isn't a problem at all. It's probably just Yukari trying to delay the sunrise.


Oh, you figured it out already? That's my Yuyuko.

W-Wait a second. If you're figuring these things out, why don't you just tell me?

Didn't I tell you from the start? That we were going out to investigate the incident?

That doesn't narrow it down at all!

Now, now, I'm sure you're tired, so let me show you around the ship. Reimu and the others probably want to talk to you too.

...Now that you mention it, it has been a while since I've talked to everyone. Lady Yuyuko, do you mind if I go see them for a bit?

I'll be right here, so go have fun.

Why don't you come with us, Mystia? It must be uncomfortable in here.

I guess. I'm kinda thirsty after all that.

In that case, let's head to the dining hall and make some tea.

A bunch of people leave.

Okay, now that's its calmed down in here, it's time a drink or thre-

Um, we don't allow alcohol on the bridge.

But Yuyuko, you're awfully overprotective, aren't you? Coming all this way just to keep her safe.

I just feel uneasy about leaving it to Youmu when we're up against someone who can hide the full moon.

If the old moon was an apple, this one's an orange. It seems whoever switched them can reach even the moon.

Honestly, what a boorish incident they've started. I can't imagine what they're planning, but this isn't the work of an upstanding youkai.

So even you two have no idea who could be behind this?

Of course not.

None at all~.

Don't think about it too hard, we'll just do what we need to do. We pay a visit to the mastermind, show her some pain, and...

And then drink our fill under the moonlit night?

Oh, if that's the plan, then this place would be nice...

Yeah, I brought some pretty good sake.

We could be anywhere by the time this is over. Perhaps we should do this in advance?


Um, please do that somewhere else. It's a bad influence.


Palanquin Ship - Dining Room

Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

...Are they yelling at that girl from earlier?

Miss Ran is always nice, unless you've done something wrong.

Mystia... right? She was pretty brave. I could never sing in front of everyone like that...

It really is impressive of her to sing and dance on her own. Although I do it sometimes too, for rituals and stuff.

Well, she's good at it, so I'm sure she's confident.

Her passion reminds me of being the strongest... If she comes with us, I'll ask her to be our friend.

You think she'll come with us right after we exterminated her?

It's happened before~.

Most of the people from the previous scene arrive.

...Sure enough, looks like everyone's here.

Woooow! There's a place to eat too!

Speak of the something. It's the youkai and-

Long time no see, Reimu, everyone!

Oh, Youmu. Yuyuko's all right then?

Umm, we'll need a seat for Youmu, and some tea...

I'll handle it, so please have a seat yourself, Shou.

If you're all here, then the interrogation must be over?

Yeah. It wasn't really that harsh of a conversation though.

So, in the end, we're taking her along with us? It'd be a big problem if we all suddenly lost our night vision.

If that happens, just eat this and you'll be fine.

Mystia pulls out some of her speciality.

What's this? Grilled... chicken? No.

This is grilled lamprey. Rumor has it that it improves your night vision.

Why would you grill lamprey?

I thought I'd eradicate grilled chicken, so I started selling it at my stand. I weaken humans' eyes with my power, and then sell them grilled lamprey to cure it. The perfect plan!

*sigh* In other words, it's a scam-

Aya smacks Momiji.

Ow ow ow!

What a splendid understanding of supply and demand. Everyone, we should all eat grilled lamprey instead of chicken.

You have a soft spot for birds, huh...

I agree with Aya!

Cut to the other side of the room.

Here's your tea. Watch out, it's hot.

Thanks. Just leave it there.

Thank you very much. I'll have some immediately.

It's been a while since we last met, Youmu. Nothing seems to have changed for you since then.

Yes. Thanks to that, I can continue my job as the gardener.

Have you gotten a bit taller, Akyu?

You noticed?! When I talked to Reimu and the others about it, they couldn't tell at all.

I'm half ghost, so I'm a bit jealous of people who grow so fast.

If you're here too Akyu, then we need to protect the ship at all costs.

Yes, we'll do our best. Having you on our side is very reassuring.

I'm also glad we could join up.

Now that I've had a look around, it doesn't seem like Keine or Marisa are here...

They never showed up at the shrine before we left.

I'm a little surprised that Keine wasn't there. I'd heard that whenever there's an incident she's always the first one at the shrine.

Eh, I bet those two will just do this in their own way. The moon is one thing, but they'd have to think there was something strange about the endless night.

You're right. I'm sure we'll meet up with them eventually.