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(It's the same as always, outside.)

Mistress, I have your morning tea. Of course, we have to take the clock's word for it that it's morning at all.

You have some nerve, getting cheeky in these circumstances. Is it your human nature?

She's trying to be nice in her own way. And you should know that.

Meiling, how is the young mistress?

She's resting right now. She's doing better than she was before. Sometimes she lashes out, though, and I'm not sure why. Maybe she's afraid?

I wonder if she's under the weather because of this unending night.

That's almost certainly part of it, but the real problem is that distorted moon. Flan feels the same thing I do.

Then we should all go out and resolve this incident together. If it's going to be night the whole time, then we can get help from the mistress.

It's a good idea, but I'm unsure about leaving the young mistress alone, even for a matter of hours.


No, I'll stay here. You all go out and investigate.

You're staying?

I can't just ignore Flan, much less leave with all of you. I'll look after her and leave the incident to you all.

I don't mind leaving her in your hands, but... I think it might be high time to start trusting her more.

You mean Flan?

Yes. You don't really believe you can keep things as they are forever, do you?

But I can't just leave her in her condition.

It's all right. We'll handle the investigation. Mistress, please keep an eye on the young mistress.

I appreciate it, Sakuya. Now go resolve this incident. The sooner, the better.