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Phew, we finally made it.

We're a little late. Is Reimu here?

With how dark it is? She's got to be holed up in bed.

Oh, hello, you two.

Good morning. Or good evening. Whichever works.

We can use both. Good morvening!

Ah, I see we've got the whole Scarlet Devil Mansion team, and the prankster fairies.

It's hard not to notice something amiss right now.

Yes, this is an incident where the night never ends. The moon and the stars are all suspended in place.

For fairies of light, it's practically torture!

This one isn't exactly easy to miss. I figured it'd cause a panic pretty soon.

So, where's Reimu? I bet Keine and Sanae are here already, too.

They left before we got here. They must have been in a rush, because Reimu didn't even put away her bedroll.

Aww, man. She beat me to the punch?

More like Keine probably beat her out of bed. We should probably cut the chitchat and get going, ourselves.

But as it stands, we know next to nothing. Since this involves an extended night, I did suspect Remilia at first, but...

The mistress is innocent. She's with the young mistress in the mansion.

She's sitting at home when it's night out?

The young mistress took ill, so she's looking after her. And the mistress blames this incident for it.

Too bad. She would've been the perfect person to have for this.

In any case, we shouldn't focus solely on the fact that night isn't ending. I would guess that the true nature of this incident is something else entirely.

Say what?

Honestly, I was thinking the same thing. The most out of place thing about all of this is the moon floating in the sky.

Ooh, I see you've got some brains among you.

I should hope so. Otherwise we'd be disappointed.

Oh, I know those voices!

Hey, girls. Am I missing a party?

How are ya? We're here to help!

I'm glad we managed to meet up without any trouble.

The Moriya Shrine gods? And Nitori and Hina with them!

They came to check up on the shrine, so we met up and went together. I wanted to get to Sanae and Reimu, but it seems we missed them.

I figured Nitori and Hina would make it, but I wasn't expecting you two.

Sanae doesn't seem to be around. What's she up to?

As soon as she caught wind of the fact that the night wasn't ending, she took off. I'm not sure if she even noticed the key part to all of this.

You were just saying something of the sort, Lady Patchouli. Would you mind sharing your insights with us?

Oh, fine. I'll take it from the top, so pay attention.

First: the night isn't ending, and we all know how dangerous that can be, in and of itself.

Yeah. Youkai get pretty active at night. If they decide to go on a power trip, it'll be super dangerous to humans.

Precisely. But the unending night is not what we should be focusing on, here. I believe that the moon up there is not our full moon.

You mean it's not real?!

There's no doubt about it. Someone stole the full moon. It looks like it, but if you look extra close, you can tell that it's missing something.

I get you. Something did feel off to me... But if it is a fake moon, why's that such a problem?

Because the full moon fuels many youkai's power. The deep shadows cast by the full moon's light wield influence equal to the light of day. Losing that would mean a major disruption in Gensokyo's entire balance of power.

In fact, the tengu elders have been in considerable suspense since this incident started. There's no telling what anyone could do, if this incident lasts much longer.


It feels like these incidents keep rising in scale.

Well, I've got the gist now. Nobody is gonna get anything out of freezing the night and stealing the moon. Not humans, not youkai. So someone's just picked a fight with all of Gensokyo.

An overly simple way of describing it, but not incorrect.

Let's get going, then. Our goal's pretty simple.

Yes. Let us find the perpetrator of this incident and deliver divine punishment unto them. I will see to it that they receive fitting retribution for disrupting our realm.

I'm honestly a bit surprised to see the both of you so motivated.

Hey, that's rude. We care about Gensokyo in our own way.

Well, the more the merrier, I always say. Now, let's get out there and cut through the night!

Why yes, that is a SRW reference.


Oh, you're already done?

If you wanna keep watching me do what I do, then you can play again whenever you want. See ya!