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Yeesh. One step out the door and we get into a danmaku battle. I'm tired.

It's so nice and cool at the waterfront, though. And it's a summer night... I almost wanna make a joke about firefly viewing.

It's a nice thought. And we do have a monster firefly accompanying us.

Is this what you dragged me along against my will for?

Hardly. Let us begin by hearing your side of this.

We're trying to investigate the unending night, and the moon. Do you have any insights about those you could offer?

Hmm. The long night hasn't really been much of an issue for us... And I have no idea what you're talking about with the moon.

Yeah, I guess most youkai would only notice the first thing.

What a shame. Oh well, if you can control bugs, would you mind using that to help us? Use your bug network to gather info or something.

What kind of info?

Hmm. Bugs should be excellent visual and audial observers. Make use of those leadership skills you demonstrated and try it.

...Well, when you put it that way, I'd suppose I have to turn up something.

I just put the word out. Give it a bit.

Alright, then we can rest up until we get word back!

You look so eager.

It's okay. The others are doing a ton of talking over there.

I don't think I've ever seen Marisa looking so meek before...

Music: What's the Strategy?

Lady Mima...

It's good to see you again. Looks like you resolved the last incident without any trouble.

...Thanks a lot for helping me back then. You really saved me.

There's so much I wanna talk about, though! Ever since you've been gone-

Easy, there. No need to rush. The night is long. Take your time.

Yeah, good point. You're right!

Cut to the side.

It's nice to see Marisa reunited with her teacher.

I was worried about her, after the way we parted last time. You could have told us she was with you, you know.

Why would you expect me to do that? After all, you've never even asked about Mima before, Alice.

Yes, because if I did, you'd only equivocate.

But now they're back together again, so it's all okay, right?

Yuuka, Sakuya and the others are-

I've stopped by to say hello again.

Why, hello, Sakuya. This is a good night to meet up. Is your resident intellectual still holed up in dark places, mulling to herself?

...Sorry to disappoint you, but I've been breathing much easier because of that hole you opened up in the library.

It sounds like Lady Patchouli still holds a grudge...

I saw plenty of Elly and Kurumi when we did farmwork together, but I haven't seen you in ages, Yuuka.

Yes, it's already been well over a year since I took advantage of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's hospitality. How's Remilia? I would've figured she'd join you for this one.

She's looking after the young mistress in the mansion. She seemed a lot more nervous than usual. Maybe it's the incident's fault...

Hmm. Vampires must be influenced pretty heavily by the moon. And the younger sister seems especially delicate...

But won't those two start fighting if you leave them alone together?

They've been improving on that, lately. They seem to talk more often than they used to.

Whoa, that's hard to imagine.

Still, I don't know what Remilia was thinking, entrusting this incident to only Sakuya and the others. Sending humans and nothing more? It's downright reckless.

I'm sure the mistress is testing us. She'll see if we fulfill our role, or vanish with the evening dew. After all, human lives come a dime a dozen.

You mean they're transient. You should live for yourself more.

We'll just have to double our efforts to make up for Remilia being gone.

We're giving it everything we've got! If there's anything we can do, don't hesitate to-

All right. In that case, would you mind bringing out our midnight snacks with the rest of the food?

Oooh, but that'll make me hungry...