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(That distorted moon, and this unending night... I don't know what she's after, but it's got to be her doing.)

Mokou, are you getting ready to leave?


It seems you've caught on to this incident. The mastermind is certain to be someone extremely capab-

I know. She's pulling all the strings.

I should have known you'd suspect her.

Usually there are rabbits lurking around here, and they're all gone now. Something's happened. I'm gonna head to her place and see for myself.

...If that's your goal, I see nothing wrong with that. I'll let Reimu and the others know. We can look into this incident together.

No, I'm going alone.


Mokou, don't tell me-

You're probably going to the rest of them, right? Tell them to keep their nose out of it.

Don't be in such a rush. Think about this some more.

I like to think that I understand how things work with you and her. Couldn't you open up to the others?

...Are you saying I should tell Reimu's group about me and her?

Yes. You've been getting closer to them, slowly but surely. We can do this hand in han-

Sorry. I can't go with you or the others. My tie with her is my own, and no one else's.

Oh, Mokou...