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Ah, all right. Thank you.

So, get anything good?

The pine crickets are all bouncing off the walls. They thought this was just a long autumn night. Also, something about pesticide being sprayed at the forest entrance, making their lives miserable.

As much as I pity them, none of that's related to the incident.

For a bug, that's pretty much as important as it gets.

Useless. I'm growing sick and tired of waiting.

Hey, I'm not asking you to. You're the one who asked me...

You can ignore her, Wriggle. Take it slow and steady.

It seems Marisa and Mima are still engrossed in their conversation, regardless.

Yes, everybody around here is dragging their feet.

...Say, I notice that Marisa's pet isn't with you this time.

Pet? Oh, do you mean Shiro?

She's left it at the shrine the past few days. But we didn't see it there, so I guess Reimu's group must have taken it.

Is that how it is...

I didn't realize you knew about Shiro, Yuuka.

Is that odd to you?

Moving on, having it around causes some strange person to pop up in your dreams, correct?

I remember hearing that. They show up in Marisa's dreams and give her clues about incidents.

It's hard to be sure if it's really tied to Shiro, though.

(Wait, did I ever even mention Marisa's dreams to Yuuka?)

It would take someone quite eccentric to offer hints inside dreams.

Exactly, and that's why I wanted to see it. But I suppose there's always another time.

I'm a bit surprised to see you interested in anyone's dreams. If you're that curious, you could ask her about it directly, couldn't you?

Maybe if I feel like it. She probably doesn't know much about it, regardless.

An insect buzzes over.


Mm, thank you. Good to know.

There's something abuzz off in that direction!

Okay! Time to round everybody up and get going, then.