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I see. You've been teaching yourself quite a bit of elemental magic.

It's not a solo effort. Reading and writing books are both forms of dialogue.

Patchouli's library has a ton of spellbooks. And she's been happy to loan them out.

If that's what you call it, when you take them without permission.

Looks like you've been on fire while I've been gone. You, over there. You're another friend of Marisa's?

Yeah, we've been hanging out and adventuring together for right around a year now. Meeting her has helped me make a lot of other friends, too.

I see she's as good natured as ever then.

Sakuya comes over.

Here, have a little something I put together.

Ah, black tea? Nicely done, considering how far from civilization we are.

Mima takes a sip.

...Not bad. It tastes of the surface. Of the free world.

That's a messed up way to describe it!

Yes, well, I've been out and about in the Underworld and many other places. Sitting down like this is a rare treat for me.

I should've figured Marisa's teacher would be a wandering type.

Yes, I'd like to hear some tales from her journeys, when we have more time for it.

More importantly, Lady Mima, would you like sugar or anything with your tea?


Hey, Kurumi. You have a stash of sugar, right? Share some.

Whaaa?! But that's for my lunches!

Who puts sugar on rice, anyway? C'mon, pretty please?

Oh fine... come with me to get it!

Exit Marisa and Kurumi.

...Yeesh, she doesn't have to try so hard to impress me.

She's been bragging about you the whole time I've known her, Mima. I bet she's just really happy you're here.

She spoke that much about me?

Yes, absolutely. She talked about how great a magician you were. You must be happy to have such a caring pupil.

Hm. I'm not so sure...


Say, why did you show yourself now? Not to mention helping with an incident investigation.

I've been on the surface lately, and something's caught my interest. Besides, I haven't seen Marisa around in ages. It's a nice chance for me.

What do you mean, something?

The Palanquin Ship. The Buddhist powered boat buried in the Underworld.


You know about the Palanquin Ship?!

I've been wanting to see it in action ever since I saw it underground. Not that I was going to meddle, or anything.

How do you know about the ship, though?

I travel around a lot, and I hear things. Since it's out now, I'd like to have a chat with the youkai who were in it.

They're all friends of ours. We should run into them eventually.

Let me say once again that I look forward to working with you.

Yes, likewise.

(And as long as I'm close by, I want to get a good look... Marisa, let me see your current power.)