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So, Tewi wants us to find 'em.

Hmm. A rabbit from the moon. I wonder what they're like...

How do we capture her, when we don't even know what she looks like?

Maybe she's got a moony kinda face?

All of the rabbits walk away.

Phew, they're finally gone.

I'm not so sloppy that I'd let those crummy rabbits spot me. But sheesh, now I'm a wanted rabbit...

And this night isn't ending. I'm getting scared...


Ugh, what a mess! I was going to take the form of an earth rabbit, and get myself some food and a place to sleep. This is all because that lunar rabbit was totally unhelpful!

How am I supposed to find Lady Yagokoro when I can't even catch a few Z's?

...Hm? Someone...

I can hear a voice... A very feeble sounding one. I feel bad for whoever it is, but I don't have time for-

Reimu... Someone... Help me...

Whoa, some weirdo fell into a trap?!

Sorry if I startled you... I'm Lily White, the fairy that heralds spring.

Spring? Aren't you a little out of season?

The night and the moon are all so unnatural, I could barely sit still. So I went out to look into it, and here I am...

Hrm. I've heard fairies are embodiments of nature. I guess they weren't kidding... I don't know what I can do to help, though. I have no idea about anything going on.

Well, you could open the trap that's holding my foot...

Oh, sure. Hold on.

There you go. Can you move now?

Yes, thank you so much. I feel better already! Say, what's your name?

My name? I don't have one.

But you saved me. I have to call you something.

(This is a pickle. I can't risk revealing who I really am...)

I'm hardly worth a name. Just call me Rabbit.

Rabbit? It's nice to meet you, Rabbit.

Wow, you just accepted that at face value?

Well, yeah. I have friends whose names mean Greater Fairy and Imp.

What odd people... Wait, this is no time for that! Look, I'm really busy. I've got to go.

Ah, wait! There seems to be a lot of traps in these parts.

Huh? I thought that was the only one-

Rabbit walks right into a trap.

Aieee! A hidden pitfall?!


I thought I heard voices talking. Looks like we've caught something.

Hey, who in the world are you?!

Oh, you couldn't guess from the sound of my voice? Nobunny in the Bamboo Forest doesn't know who I am!

Uh-oh, I don't like the sounds of this...

I've caught a suspicious rabbit!


Ah, you're pausing your game?

You've earned a break. I trust that you will resume it soon.

When you play this game, your time is mine. Then... until next time.