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Ahh, that was great! So much excitement to go around!

Nothing could be better for me than getting to spend time with the Prisms!

We're grateful you enjoyed our show tonight. Tell you what, to commemorate our reunion, you can have some fliers for our next show and some fan club pamphlets.

Ooh, thanks. Sanae loves this stuff.

Having you along should liven up this investigation quite a bit.

Sure, I don't mind. But, man. You've got those stupid fairies with you, as usual... I guess they're okay, if you want someone to raise a racket.

Hey, our power is nothing to sniff at!

Looks like we'll be fellow combiner groups together.

Yeah, I guess. Just remember, we did it first. You have to call us your seniors, okay?

...Lyrica seems to be eating this up.

She'll never stop being the baby of the group~.

So, you're the rabbit that was in the pit?

Er, yes, ma'am. It was awful.

Allow me to introduce you. This is Rabbit.

Huh?! You don't have to introduce me.

But you saved me when I got caught in a trap.

Wow, could've fooled me. She doesn't look very reliable at all, but I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.

So, can we ask you something?

Uh, what's that?!

(This is bad, I wanted to just leave and start searching for Lady Yagokoro... But now the earth rabbits know who I am. I can't walk around openly...)

You're looking a little under the weather.

N-Not at all. I'm grateful to you for saving me.

So, what was that fight all about? It didn't look like a quarrel between friends.

Oh, um, rabbit society is like, super complicated. I have no idea who that rabbit was, or where she was from.

Then I guess you wouldn't know where their hideout is, either.

Their what...? Are you trying to defeat those rabbits?

That's the idea, unless you mean to obstruct us?

Not in the least! They were giving me a hard time, too!

Good luck, everybody! I'm totally rooting for you!


(That's it! These people seem to be enemies with those other rabbits. If I can spur them on and get them to beat the rabbits, that works out perfectly!)

You're an odd fellow. Why don't we start by learning your identity?

Nah, forget about that. Let's take her in and shelter her.

Suwako, what are you talking about?!

Who cares about the circumstances? She must've been all helpless out here by herself.

Don't worry. These little froggies will take good care of you.

Are you sure?! I wouldn't dare ask you to go to such trouble...

Lucky you, Rabbit!

Yes, and I have you to thank, fairy!

Come on, I'll introduce you to everyone.

Lily and Rabbit leave.

Miss Moriya, are you sure about this? We have no idea who that rabbit is.

Oh yeah, she's totally hiding something. But she doesn't seem like she wants to interfere with our investigation, anyway.


Let's keep her close at hand and pry out what we can. And even if we can't get anything useful from her, those other rabbits will be back for more. We can use one rabbit to catch two.

I thought I recognized that glint in your eye, Suwako. Just the sort of cunning plan I'd expect from you.

Hiding things can go both ways. And if we stick to our word and shelter her, we'll make her feel indebted.

Yup. Remember, kids, lying is bad.