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Waah, my eyes are still all teary!

Stay still, Kurumi. I'll give you some medicine.

Are you all right, Lady Patchouli? Did that tear gas make it hard to breathe?

The next time I see that rabbit, I will end her.

Argh, I was so close, and she slipped right through my fingers.

There was no way you'd know she'd bust out a chemical weapon.

It's a little concerning, though. They have potions that even work on youkai.

She'll probably be back in full force. It's a pity we couldn't capture her back there.

Bah, next time will be different.

Reviewing your failure, are you? Very admirable.

Thanks for looking after Kurumi, too.

Lady Mima! Yuuka!

You two seem awfully lively.

Why wouldn't we be? It was hardly a fight.

That weak youkai must be working under someone bigger.

Oh yeah, she said something about a master...

That might be the one pulling the strings here.

How do you see this figure, Mima?

The most honest thing I can say is that they're mysterious. They're meddling with the moon, and even the night. And they're operating as an organization.

We've fought our fair share of powerful figures in past incidents, though. And we won't let this incident break our streak. Lady Mima, you can sit back and-

Coming from someone who let a minion-level youkai slip through her fingers, that's not exactly convincing.

Grk, that was-

Oh, yes. Weren't you boasting about how you've "totally got this"? Looks like you were all bark and no bite.

That's a pretty low blow, you know!

Yeah, nobody was expecting that stunt she pulled.

That's right! We had the advantage up until the very last minute! Right, Lady Mima? Say something!


Lady Mima...?

Sorry. As much as I'd love to stand up for you... Yuuka is right.

Say what?!

Marisa, you said you'd do something, and then you failed. That's the truth. You should learn from that.

I-if that's what you mean, then please, don't worry. You haven't begun to see the power I've built! I'll show you my best next time. Just watch!


No. The way you're acting, I can see that you won't understand unless I spell it out clearly.


Marisa, I've been watching you with high hopes... but your magic is completely and utterly worthless.


Music: Dark Clouds

Hey, wait a minute! What did you just...?!

Don't make me repeat myself. Your magic is unacceptably poor. The way you're going, you'll never get anywhere in life.

It makes me wonder why you even bothered to keep practicing magic in my absence.

You... You must be kidding, right? All this time, I've been...

Excuse me, Mima! You can't speak to her that way!

Yeah! Marisa's been leading us all this time!

Your skill has improved. I'll grant you that. But what I speak of is your entire attitude toward magic.

My attitude...?

After so much time apart, I was eager to see what kind of magician you'd become. But all I've seen so far is someone who is insecure in what other people think of her. Someone who pries defeat from the jaws of victory.

Yet here you sit, completely unbothered. And you call your magic acceptable?

Hey, what's that supposed to mean?! I haven't seen you in ages, why wouldn't I want to show you my best?

Besides, losses happen in battle. I can't get worked up over every little thing.

That attitude is completely unacceptable. Nothing is more pathetic than magic with no vision of where it's going.

That's not even-

I hate to intrude, but may I ask what you're getting at? I would appreciate it if you could stop being negative and offer some constructive criticism.

Yes, of course. I'm not trying to verbally abuse my own pupil. What I'm saying is, I know better than anyone how well educated you are.

I don't want you to let it all go to waste with this insipid way of life.


I don't get it. You up and vanished without a word, Lady Mima! That's why I swore by my Hakkero that I would shine in my own way...!


Yes, that Hakkero is the very symbol of the way you do things. If you want to advance any further, you have to make a choice.

What choice?

Marisa, cast away your Hakkero. And then, come back to me.