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My ice can freeze the froggies~♪ I'm Cirno, the strongest fairy~♪

So, how was it Dai? The strength of my lyrics!

Um, it might be nice if you could sing about something other than frogs sometimes...?

Kay, it's our turn now~.

The meat I found on the ground was real tasty~♪

Tomorrow we're having fish steak~♪

Rumia's lyrics are creepy, and something's off about Chen's singing...

So what's all this? Practising strangling cats?

Ah, it's the rat, the rat...!

You came at just the right time. We're trying to come up with our theme song. Mystia's song just looked so fun!

You could join us too, Nazzy. If you don't mind.



La la la~♪ Testing the mic~♪

Is that Mystia? I guess she even sings while taking a walk...

She's really good at it, huh? Maybe we should ask her for some tips.

Well, she'd know best. Hey, Mystia!

Hm? Why's there such a big crowd over here?

We're trying to come up with a song. Would you like to join us?

You mean sing with you all...?

We've got all these people on this boat, so isn't it kind of stupid how boring everyone is acting? As soon as they start talking about incidents or whatever, Reimu and the others get all serious faced.

Um... you guys just captured me and all. I'm not gonna be your caged songbird.

I sing to sing~♪ My song sings for me~♪ I just want to be free~♪

It's a bit hard to take that seriously when you can't go two seconds without bursting into song.

Oh, no! I did it by accident!

Just as I planned... Let's start practicing then!

Hey, wait! You can't just decide that for me... but it's not like I have anything else do around here.

Then it's settled. You sing with us too, Nazzy.

Could you not call me that?


Palanquin Ship - Dining Room

Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Oh, and they have a dining hall too?

Honestly Yuyuko, do you have to make such a scene? You don't have to get excited by every little thing just because it's your first time on a ship.

But I never knew a ship could be this interesting~. They've got an entire temple on top, and guns that pop out of little hatches in the side...

...Just for the record, most ships aren't like this.

Normally, they aren't powered by a Buddhist reactor. Whatever that is.

Oh...? Really?

I'd heard the reports, but riding it myself is quite an interesting experience. To think a ritual implement of such an enormous scale was buried in Gensokyo all along...

Speaking of ritual implements, what happened with Reimu's new equipment? Didn't you say you'd make some for her a little while ago, Yukari?

The tools themselves are prepared, but I'm still in the midst of some delicate calibrations. In their current state, it would be difficult to use them in real combat.

They're really that hard to use?

It's a complicated spell crossing countless layers. Even I, someone who's carefully studied the subject, find it troublesome. I can't imagine a mere human being able to use them.

So you're giving Reimu something that even you can't handle?

Anything Yukari's got her hands in is sure to be suspicious~.

Trust me, I've been training her for this. As long as the shrine maiden gains power, Gensokyo will be preserved.

With this equipment, I'll have the Hakurei Maiden become Gensokyo's new barrier.



Palanquin Ship - Bridge

Music: What's the Strategy?

Aaah, all this darkness just makes me wanna drink. Hey Reimu, come with me. It won't take long.

I'm not going to drink with you in the middle of an investigation.

And you shouldn't be drinking on the bridge anyway... Please?

Buzzkills. And I wanted to try soaking this thing in sake too.


Oh, is that Shiro? It was on the ship with us?

Marisa left it in a bottle back at the shrine. Someone must've carried it here then... Sanae, you take care of it.

Huh? Um, all right.

But those priests sure are stubborn, putting a ban on drinking.

Buddhism forbids the drinking of alcohol, right?

Well, we do a little drinking under the table. I've never seen Hijiri drink though. Not once.

Wow, she must be really committed.

Of course she is. She was the most pious and noble person I've ever met.

You all really idolize her, don't you?

We owe her everything. She even gave Murasa this Palanquin Ship.

The whole ship?!

Hard to believe, right? But it's true.Long ago, I used to be bound to the bottom of the ocean by my regrets. I would take it out on passing ships by sinking them... But Hijiri saved me. She gave me this ship, and showed me how to be a captain. Someone like me...

A ship-sinking youkai protecting a ship is quite...

Maybe some people would say it's just hubris to try to change a youkai's reason to live. But, that doesn't change the fact that that's how she saved us.

She continued to preach Buddhism in order to bring equality to humans and youkai.

I never knew there used to be such a wonderful person in Gensokyo... but why did she get sealed then?


Because she hid the fact that she saved us from the humans.


Maybe it was our fault too, for pretending to be human... The humans couldn't forgive her for being a youkai behind their backs.

Hijiri herself wasn't human. Since she had become a magician youkai. They called her "the devil with the human face" and other horrible things, and then set fire to the temple.


Just because she saved youkai...

I feel sorry for her, but things were different between the humans and youkai in Gensokyo back then. No one would have ever accepted her ideals in that era.

I think it's just natural for humans to exterminate youkai, but...

It's a bit different from what you're thinking, Reimu. If everyone were like you, the oni would never have needed to leave the surface.

...Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up painful memories.

No worries, it's all in the past! We're finally back on the surface, so we gotta stay positive. Even the Underworld wasn't all that bad.

Especially for Murasa. She made some new friends, and they really went wild together.

C'mon, don't make it sound like I was just playing around all the time...

Well, if you could enjoy yourself down there, then you're plenty tough. First we'll resolve this incident, then you can go revive Hijiri.

...Yes, let's give this our all.


What's wrong, Shou?

Oh, it's nothing! Let's just keep investigating. We're almost out of the forest. Looks like we're near the village.


Oh, you're stopping the game? All right.

You say you were amazed when the Palanquin Ship flew? Yeah, so was I! I wish I could've voyaged a while longer...

But be patient. Its complete form will blow you away!

See you later!