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We finally found the lunar rabbit, and then we let her slip right through our fingers.

It would've been so easy if all those people hadn't shown up.

What now, Tewi? We can't just let her go, right?

Of course not. I could never look Master in the eye if I backed down now. But we don't stand a chance against those humans in a straight fight...

We might have to face the facts and throw in the towel.

(Wait a minute. Our goal is just to get that rabbit. We don't have to defeat that whole group to do that...)

Uh-oh, I know that look, Tewi! Getting a flash of inspiration?

You better believe it! Who do you think I am?!

Tewi Inaba, eldest rabbit in the bamboo thicket!

That's our Tewi! Let's hear the plan!

Okay, listen up! First, we fight. Find a sign of weakness in the group and pounce on whoever shows it. We nab that person, and trade 'em for the rabbit.

Whoa, a hostage exchange! That's nasty!

Between an ally and some rabbit they've just met, it won't be much of a choice. And hey, we could always vent a little frustration with a hostage for a shield.

Wow! I feel like this is gonna work!

(It's an okay plan on its face, but I doubt it'll hold up against a group as strong as they are. Which means I'd better plan for the worst and report to the master.)

What's wrong, Tewi?

Nothing. Make sure to get 'em good for me.

Wait, you're not coming?

Nah, too much of a pai- er, I mean, I'm still kinda worn out from the last fight. But I'll make it up to you. You can have some of the secret dango Master gave me.

Ooh, it looks yummy!

Eat this, and it'll bring out your inner strength. It should help you fight stronger youkai. Just remember to follow the label and take only the recommended amount.

Thanks a bunch, Tewi!

Let's eat up now and get this operation going!

Yeah, sure. I'll be waiting for good tidings!

The rabbits run off.